Death Rumors Aren't Rattling From First To Last Frontman Sonny Moore

Band's leader is still alive and ready for Wes Borland to join them on Warped Tour.

Sonny Moore is not dead. He's alive and actually sort of psyched that he's become well-known enough to be the target of outrageous rumors. Within the last six months, fans of his band, From First to Last, have been duped — not once, but twice — into thinking the 18-year-old singer had died.

"It sort of blows my mind," Moore said about the most recent death rumor, which spread Memorial Day weekend via the Internet and resulted in fans posting memorials to the singer on the band's MySpace page. "It's probably some snotty kid. In a way, I commend him, whether he was trying to hurt me or not. This is the second time a 'dead' rumor has gone around with me. It's kind of cool."

The first death ruse was initiated five months ago, before the band went on the road with Fall Out Boy and Hawthorne Heights (see "From First To Last Might Outgrow Fall Out Boy Pranks Soon"), and soon after the release of the band's latest album, Heroine. That con claimed Moore had been the pedestrian victim of a fatal hit-and-run. A second prank began Memorial Day weekend when a link started circulating online that brought readers to a faux news report at the "Global Associated News" Web site.

"In what appears to be an apparent suicide, musician Sonny Moore was pronounced dead as a result of cardiac arrest after consuming more than two dozen sleeping pills," reads the "breaking news" article. "Complete details are not yet available, as this story is still developing."

From First to Last's fans took the bait and panicked. Moore even started getting phone calls from a few of his friends.

"On Sunday, this friend of mine called me and was like, 'Sonny, are you dead?' and I said, 'No, I'm at the doctor's right now,' and she kind of freaked out a little bit," Moore recalled. "And I said, 'I'm all right. I'm not dead. I'm just getting my throat checked out. Acid reflux, man — that's about it.

"The sh---y thing's, if this keeps happening, when I really die, no one's going to believe it," he lamented.

Moore said he'll prove he's still breathing this summer when From First to Last takes the Warped Tour's main stage accompanied by bassist Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit fame. Borland also played bass on Heroine, filling in for Jon Weisberger, who the band booted just before hitting the studio (see "From First To Last Are Done With Wes Borland, Target Rob Zombie").

"The plan is to have us take [Borland's band] Black Light Burns out this fall on a club tour, and Wes is going to try and play two sets," Moore said (see "Bye Bye Bizkit? Wes Borland Says Limp Are Pretty Much Done"). He added that his entire band has been picking Borland's brain in an attempt to learn from his past.

"With Wes, it's just a real eye-opener for everybody in the band. It's cool to look at someone who's already been there and back, and how he reacts to things and how he does things," said Moore. "It really does make you almost mellower — like, you don't freak out about small things anymore. And the minute he stepped onstage with us the first time, it was like, 'F---, it's time for us to step it up now, because this guy's just destroying the world.' He knows how to play a show and makes us all stronger."

This summer, From First to Last will continue writing new material for their Capitol Records debut (they've turned one of their trailers into a portable jam space). The band signed with the label in March.