Hated 'Resident Evil 2'? Jovovich Promises Third One Is Rad

'The story line kinda got swept under the carpet,' she says of 'Apocalypse.'

Milla Jovovich loves being a mutant — a good thing, considering she's about to become one yet again, as "Resident Evil: Extinction" is slated to start production Monday (May 15) in Mexico.

"I just love being typecast; it's my favorite thing ever," Jovovich joked in a Valley Girl voice (see "Milla Jovovich Makes Her Case For Being Every Geek's Dream Girl"). But seriously, "I don't think it would be a great sci-fi action movie if there wasn't some sort of viral mutation going on. You always have to have some crazy virus that gets out there and suddenly infects people with these strange powers."

Jovovich's character has gone through so much transformation from the first "Resident Evil" to the third installment that the actress feels sorry for her.

"Poor Alice is just the queen of mutations," Jovovich said. "It just keeps going on and on for her." But there is an upside: "She's definitely got some crazy new powers in the new movie, I can tell you that much."

It's not just that mutant powers sound cool (Alice discovered in the past films she has superhuman speed, strength, sensory perception and mental powers), but scriptwise, they're also easily explained, unlike some other superpowers.

"If people have powers out of the blue, I'm like, 'OK, what school did they go to? Where did they train? Are you joking?' " Jovovich said. "The mutation thing gives us a lot of free reign. I like mutation thingies, as long as it doesn't happen in real life!"

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While Jovovich concedes that "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" didn't measure up to the first film, she doesn't think this sequel will have the same problem.

"The studio wanted more action, more explosions, and maybe the story line kinda got swept under the carpet because of that," she said of "Apocalypse." "Unfortunately with these kinds of movies, there's only so much control the creative people can have before they get subverted by the Man. But hopefully you'll like 'Resident Evil 3' better. The script is really rad. I was almost in tears reading it."

That's because of all the "crazy things" that happen to characters like Alice's comrades-in-arms Jill Valentine (played by Sienna Guillory) and L.J. (played by Mike Epps), as they continue fighting the undead and try to prevent the zombie virus from spreading. While Jovovich won't spill on what those crazy things are, she will promise this: "You won't even expect it."

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