Lucky Lindsay Spending Fortune On Scratch Tickets, Late-Night Shopping Sprees

'I feel lucky, just in general,' Lohan says.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — In the new romantic comedy "Just My Luck," Lindsay Lohan plays Ashley Albright, a super-successful New York publicist whose charmed existence has landed her a posh apartment, solid social life and a collection of loyal friends. In real life, however, the greatest examples of Lohan's fortune presented themselves when she took her co-stars shopping.

"We went to Urban Outfitters a lot," a giggly Lohan confessed of her latest obsession. "We started online, and then we found like a great Urban Outfitters store and we cleaned them out like all the time. We really did — we went after-hours."

"We made music, we [spent all our time on] iPods, iTunes and Urban It was a constant slumber party," added Bree Turner, who plays one of Lohan's best friends in the flick (see "Lindsay Lohan Pushes Her 'Luck' "). "It was like a continuous party. Not in a debauchery way, but [it was] a fun, creative gigglefest from beginning to end."

"Then we'd go to the Hard Rock," Lohan added, "which was right next to where we'd shop."

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Finding bargains and stumbling upon great restaurants may be a stroke of good luck for some, but Lohan's Ashley would likely consider that a slow day. Until, that is, she hooks up with hottie Jake Hardin (Chris Pine) and discovers that the unlucky loser's kiss stole her good fortune. In the movie, Ashley and her friends Dana (Turner) and Maggie (Samaire Armstrong) set out on the streets of New York, kissing random strangers until they find their man. In real life, however, they don't need to swap spit to get lucky.

"I found a lottery ticket, scratched it and got 200 bucks," Pine remembered, adding that bad luck soon followed the good. "I put [the ticket] in my pocket, went home and had to do laundry that day. [It was] gone, so I had both [types of luck] back-to-back."

"SOS," Lohan remarked. Then, giggling over her gaffe, corrected herself. "I mean, SOL."

"I had [lottery tickets] actually, just yesterday," remembered Lohan, whose character scrapes the silver-coated tickets throughout the film. "I did a bunch of scratch-offs and I lost every single one. The last one, I got a free ticket when I won. And I don't know where it is now."

"My brother's really lucky, he always wins," she added. "My brother won like 500 dollars."

For her co-stars, the luck was simply in getting cast for a Lindsay Lohan movie. "I thought that it would be difficult to work with her — and it was," Armstrong laughed. "No, I'm just joking. I thought the most daunting thing would be that this is my first big budget studio movie ... I was like, 'Wow, big movie.' "

"It's a big deal, and she is supremely famous right now," Turner said of the impact Lohan's presence had on them. "It's cool, because we are a part of something that many people will go see, and that's awesome. A Lindsay Lohan film is a huge opportunity to be seen and just to have a good time."

The girls did admit, however, that the "Just My Luck" set wasn't always flowing with four-leafed clovers.

"It was, ironically, a very unlucky set," remembered Turner of the New Orleans-area shoot. "People getting sick, the electricity turning off, and then Mardi Gras."

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"Unlucky things happened constantly," Armstrong chimed in. "Chris got sick, I chipped my tooth. Too much stress, maybe."

As a result, the stars occasionally balanced out their luck by calling in the big guns. Namely, charms.

Asked what his was, Pine looked lovingly at his wrist and gave his object a tug: "My bracelet."

"Everything on me is some sort of good luck charm," laughed Lohan, shaking various baubles. "I'm serious."

"These are," she said, pointing to some bracelets. "Everyone that's close to me in my life has these. These snake bracelets my friend makes from this place Caviar and Kind, which is actually here."

Lohan added that she gave one to Meryl Streep, her co-star in the upcoming "A Prairie Home Companion." "I give them to a lot of people I work with," she said, "and they never take them off. It's a mental thing. Luck should come from within."

"I have to say I'm wearing one of them," Turner said of her charm. "My grandmother just gave me this little watch. Isn't it cute? It's from the '20s. It's quickly becoming my new favorite little piece."

"I got these bracelets that, they say, create harmony from within," Armstrong added. "One says, 'Happiness, balance and trust.' I think that brings a daily reminder, which I think is what a good luck charm is."

Turner agreed that ultimately good luck is in movies, and in real life you make your own. "I used to be the kind of girl who had one thing that just stayed with me as luck, but now I believe that you wake up and you're like, 'This [object] will be lucky for me today,' and you put it on."

"I feel lucky, just in general," Lohan grinned, putting things into perspective. "I love to do what I do everyday. I make movies and make people smile."

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