Bam Margera Follows Scott Stapp's Example — All The Way To Jail

Although admittedly intoxicated, Margera is charged only with possession of a dangerous weapon.

Here's some advice for all actors or musicians thinking of boarding planes at Los Angeles International Airport whilst intoxicated: Don't.

See, they sort of frown upon that thing out there, something former Creed frontman Scott Stapp found out last month when he was nabbed by LAX police after they suspected he was under the influence while boarding a flight to Hawaii (see "Scott Stapp Gets Married — And Arrested For Public Intoxication"). But that didn't stop Bam Margera from trying to do the same thing — and in a move somewhat fitting his onscreen reputation, he even upped the ante.

He was packing brass knuckles.

Understandably, airport security personnel were somewhat concerned when they discovered this. And when they questioned Margera about the knuckles, he allegedly caused a commotion, which got LAX police involved. And at roughly 11 p.m. on Friday, Margera wound up missing his flight to Philadelphia — because he was being charged with a felony.

"Mr. Margera was passing through a security checkpoint when [the Transportation Security Administration] discovered a pair brass knuckles. They asked to search his bag, and he was upset," a spokesperson for the LAX police told MTV News. "As a result, he was taken into custody by police here at the airport. He was then transferred to the LAPD's Pacific Division, where he was charged with unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon."

Margera sees things a bit differently. He claims that he didn't even know the brass knuckles were in his backpack (though he admits he was "blatantly drunk" during the incident), and that he didn't plan on ever using them to punch anybody. In fact, he says they were just a gift.

"I flew into Los Angeles to film a Right Guard commercial, and I finished up at about 7 p.m. on Friday, so I met up with some people from Island Def Jam [Records, label for his brother Jess' band, CKY], and we went to a party at the Roosevelt Hotel," Margera explained. "And at some point, they ended up giving me a pair of brass knuckles as a souvenir or something. So I was like, 'Oh, cool,' and just tossed them in my bag and had a few drinks. I didn't think anything of it, because they were just a joke.

"Of course, then I showed up drunk at the airport to catch a flight home. They found the knuckles in my bag and said I couldn't have them on the plane, and I kind of made a scene. I was like, 'I don't f---in' care! Toss 'em so I can make my flight!' " Margera continued. "So they called the cops and they ended up handcuffing me in front of LAX. They booked me and took me to this small-ass jail cell. And I was in there with this glue-huffing Mexican and some 50-year-old guy with no shoes who was absolutely, positively homeless."

Margera ended up spending the night in jail and was eventually freed on $20,000 bail. A spokesperson for the L.A. Country District Attorney's Office said that Margera's case has not made their calendar yet, and as such, no date has been set for a hearing (though a spokesperson for Margera told MTV News that he was "due back in Los Angeles" on March 20).

If convicted of the possession charge, Margera faces up to one year in a county jail, though he doesn't seem to be too concerned by that. He's more upset by the fact that his, as he puts it, "perfect record" has been blemished.

"Believe me: I've been in the back of a cop car a bunch of times, but I've never been arrested [before]. I kept telling them that but they wouldn't believe me," he laughed. "So I'm kind of pissed about that. And I'm mad at myself, because I think that if I wasn't drunk at the airport I could've weaseled my way out of this whole thing, but I was slurring my words. Sometimes I'm an idiot."