Count Gorillaz Among Those Who Still Find Madonna Shocking

They say they had no idea Madonna was going to join them on the Grammy stage.

The Gorillaz are on a roll, and we're not talking about bread. (Although, since they're animated, that would probably be possible too ... and hilarious. Not to mention delicious. Think about it: a Gorillaz sandwich. Mmm!)

No, it's more of a momentum thing, built upon their impressive Grammy-night doubleheader, which started when they took home the award for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals (for "Feel Good Inc.") during the untelevised early handouts and then rolled right into the actual Grammy broadcast, which they kicked off by performing alongside Madonna (see "Mariah And Kanye Win, But In The End U2 — And Curveballs — Rule Grammy Night").

In a night full of big-budget, big-name performances, their collaboration with Madge — a mash of "Feel Good Inc." and her "Hung Up" (see "Road To The Grammys: The Story Behind Gorillaz's 'Feel Good Inc.' "), powered by 3-D holograms and an army of histrionic dancers — was easily one of the broadcast's most talked-about moments, and despite the whole thing looking quite choreographed, the Gorillaz insist it all came together at the last moment (see "Madonna's Oddest Collab Yet: Singer To Perform At Grammys With Gorillaz"). In fact, they claim not to have known about Madonna's involvement until she appeared onstage.

"The whole thing was a shocker, wasn't it? I tell you, I don't scare easily but she gave me a real jump when I saw her suddenly appear like that. I was miles away!" bassist Murdoc told MTV News. "'But it was great. 'Feel Good' meets 'Hung Up' — the 'Feel Up' mix — was a real clash of the titans."


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"Madonna, like Gorillaz, has always been someone who likes to push boundaries, and has been open toward experimentation and not afraid of challenges or competition," guitarist Noodle added. "I feel that's why the collaboration between us worked so well."

But how do they build on all that Grammy buzz? Well, they've got a new video for the song "Dirty Harry" to promote (see "Gorillaz Target 'Dirty Harry' As Third Single; World Tour Begins To Jell"), and then there's their oft-mentioned world tour ... or, more specifically, a string of gigs here in America.

According to a spokesperson for the band, there is a "major Gorillaz musical event planned in the U.S. in the near future." Of course, the band was mum on the whole thing. But the guys did give us a taste of what fans could expect when the Gorillaz finally do invade America.

"I think with the combination of the full-length musical power that we witnessed at the Manchester Opera House [where Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn performed the band's Demon Days album in its entirety] combined with our devastating performance at Lisbon [where the band appeared in 3-D for the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards; see "Coldplay, Green Day Win Big At MTV Europe Music Awards", it'll be amazing," Murdoc said. "There's no way you, or any other band in the world, would be able to top it. Seriously. And I can prove that as a fact with just a pen, some paper and an Etch a Sketch."

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