Eagles Of Death Metal Frontman's 'Soft Boomerang Of Love' Takes Center Stage In Clip

Jesse Hughes' mere presence causes mass nudity.

What would the Eagles of Death Metal do without Jesse "The Devil" Hughes' formidable facial hair?

The singer's moustache was instrumental in the making of the video for "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)," the first single from the band's forthcoming album, Death by Sexy. "We had to bring in a special lens just to capture each of the hairs of my soft boomerang of love," Hughes said of his prized Sam Elliott-esque moneymaker. "Most of the budget went to pay for the lens required to properly capture my moustache," the tending of which, he said, demands "a variety of delicate scissors, oils and combs. It has to be trimmed from the innermost point of my lip to the outermost part of my lip, as to not cut off the hooks of the boomerang."

Like most of the Eagles of Death Metal frontman's conversations, the video — which was shot last weekend by Lonely Island's Akiva Schaffer (We Are Scientists) — revolves around Hughes' 'stache, and, he said, "how the majesty of rock and roll was returned, in force, through the power of my moustache.

"I am so amazing when I rock from my guitar, that the power and fury of rock blows people's clothes off, with sexiness," he said of the clip's concept. Through the use of wires and strategically placed Velcro, spectators of an Eagles of Death Metal performance — staged inside Hollywood's M Bar — find themselves suddenly stripped bare, by both the rock and Hughes' come-hither gaze.

Other scenes for the video were shot inside a hotel on Sunset Boulevard, which travelers described on TripAdvisor's message board as "wholly unsanitary" and "where clients bring prostitutes to have their liaisons."

"It's where I think every porno from 1971 to 1978 that totally sucked was shot," Hughes said. "And I am pretty sure they haven't cleaned up since they shot those movies." Those scenes, of course, involved clothes being ripped from the body of "a rock beauty of untold limits." They also involved the moustache.

But beyond the unexplainable and sudden nudity that's taking place in the video, Hughes said there's an underlying story — and he and his Eagles partner Carlo Von Sexron (otherwise known as Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme) summoned Jack Black and the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl to help them tell it.

"Jack plays a bartender in the bar where we're playing, and Dave plays a drunk who's warning this girl I'm bad news, because it's true," Hughes said. "But I'm bad news in a good news sort of way. And [Homme] plays a drunk, too. Using movie magic," and outlandish wigs, "he plays a drunk watching himself play drums — like the way Steve McQueen chased himself in 'The Great Escape.' And then I blow everyone's clothes off in the room, and it ends up with us doing like a tribute to 'West Side Story,' where we're the Jets cruising down Sunset Boulevard."

He said the video should start airing about a month before the album reaches stores on April 11. At the moment, Hughes said the Eagles are planning a spring tour — but he still doesn't know who with, or when that trek will begin. The band won't finalize its touring plans until after the birth of Homme and fiancee Brody Dalle's baby girl (see "QOTSA's Josh Homme, Brody Dalle Expecting Their First Child"), who is due before the end of the month.