Pink Would Rather Fall Off A Car Than Get Glammed Up For Her Videos

Singer shoots two very different clips for 'Stupid Girl' and 'You and Your Hand.'

Pink can't quite make up her mind. So, to help promote her forthcoming album, instead of just picking her first single and shooting a video for it, she's chosen two songs and shot videos for both, figuring that she'll decide later.

"We're getting down to the wire," she admitted. "I think there's a hole in the world right now and there's a certain thing that needs to fill it, but I just haven't decided which hole to fill."

Pink has picked two "completely different" songs to be the first thing you hear from I'm Not Dead. One is called "Stupid Girl," and the other is "You and Your Hand," a portion of which was leaked this summer on the Internet (see "Leaked Pink Songs Hint At A Rock-Heavy New Album"). Pink shot both clips with her longtime collaborator Dave Meyers, making "Stupid Girl" the eighth video they've done together. "Stupid Girl" spoofs the superficial young Hollywood set, but Pink's not disclosing exactly who her target is this time around.

"I don't think I need to name names," she said. "I live in L.A., so it's obvious what I'm surrounded by." She calls the clip "sick and twisted and insane," which in her book is a very good thing.

"I love making videos, and I love making videos with Dave Meyers," she said. "He just gets it. I like to be physical and do my own stunts, and he allows for that. He has an insane imagination. I don't think anyone ever stopped laughing during 'Stupid Girl.' I don't think everyone else is going to laugh, but just know that we all did."

Of course, doing her own stunts isn't without risk. Pink hurt herself a lot during the shoot, especially when she fell off a car, chipping a bone in her wrist and opening a gash on her leg. "It goes all the way up [my thigh]," she laughed. "Good times!"

Meanwhile, "You and Your Hand" — a spiteful sendoff to guys who get too friendly on the dance floor — goes in the opposite direction. "First of all, I didn't want it to be typical," she said. "Not another club video. That's not going to happen, until we can do it all suspended in the air on hovercrafts. It just won't be interesting."

She describes the character-driven clip as being more "high-fashion, glam, vampirey, tough [and] sexy." Whereas she kept busy doing stunts in "Stupid Girl," Pink spent the majority of her time during the "You and Your Hand" shoot getting dolled up. "It was four hours of makeup and one hour of shooting for every different look in the video," she said. "I'll never do it again, so enjoy it! Because it sucked."

Pink's first single — whichever one she picks — is due in January, with one of those two videos to follow. I'm Not Dead is due in late March or early April.