Chris Brown Wants To Hit The Big Screen Like His Idol Usher

'I can do it all: comedy, suspense, mystery,' says the singer.

Now that Chris Brown has followed his idol Usher to the top tier of the albums chart, he wants to chase him into movie theaters.

"I've got a couple of scripts I'm looking at right now," Brown revealed recently. "I can do it all: comedy, suspense, mystery. [There's] a lot of different things I want to do: acting, directing, the whole nine yards."

Brown, whose self-titled debut landed at #2 in its first week on the Billboard albums chart (see "Chris Brown And Carrie Underwood Get Close, But Now Reclaims #1"), co-directed his latest video, "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" (see "Chris Brown Explains The Finer Points Of Hollering 'Yo!' ") and got his foot in Hollywood's door by getting a song on one of the fall's biggest soundtracks.

That movie, "In the Mix" (see "Usher Hopes 'Mix' Will Put Him On Path To Becoming The Next Will Smith"), stars none other than Usher, who oversaw Brown's recording of "Which One." (Juelz Santana, Pall Wall and Christina Milian are among the others on the album.)

"To see him face-to-face, I was like, 'OK, Chris, it's gonna be all right, just chill out right quick. You about to do the song, man, don't be no punk,' " Brown said, grinning. " 'Cause I was like, 'Yo, that's Usher! That's Usher,' like going crazy at first. Then as I got to know him, he was a regular person just like me. Working [together] was great — the chemistry was there."

Nowadays, Brown's encounter with his idol doesn't even top his list of best experiences. "The coolest thing that has happened to me is having my record go #2 on Billboard," Brown said, referring to his hit "Run It!" "And being able to walk on 'TRL' and do some shows on there, it was just crazy. I didn't know there were that many people interested in me like that."

Before Brown makes the move to the movie business, he wants to keep promoting his album and release a third single, either "Say Goodbye" or "Just Fine." "We don't know it just yet, 'cause we got a lot of hot joints," he said.

Whatever the decision, it will be made using some advice shared by Usher.

"He just said make sure whatever decision I make in anything, make sure it's the best decision for me and not just for the moment," Brown said.