Gwen Stefani Holding Off On That Second Solo LP — For Now, Anyway

'It's more important that I take a nap,' singer says.

Gwen Stefani says she needs a rest — so for now, she's scrapping previously announced plans to finish a second solo album.

The singer told the San Francisco Chronicle late last week that even though she's been talking about doing a sequel to Love, Angel, Music, Baby (see "Gwen Stefani Plans Another Solo Album By Year's End"), for the moment she's changed her mind.

"I have a really good record that I could put out," Stefani told the Chronicle. "I had a fantasy about it, but I'm not doing it. I decided it's more important that I take a nap."

Stefani explained that she's been going nonstop for years and is feeling "burnt."

"I literally went from the Rock Steady Tour with No Doubt into the studio [to work on "It's My Life" for the band's greatest-hits LP, The Singles 1992-2003], like the week we got off," she said. "Then it was studio torture making this record. Then No Doubt went on the 'greatest-hits' tour after that — then I put my album out, and here we are."

That's not even including acting in "The Aviator," starting and expanding her own fashion line, launching her first New York fashion show — which had incorporated snippets of the new tunes (see "Gwen Previews New Songs, Clothing Line For Diddy, Kravitz, Others") — and her ongoing Harajuku Lovers 2005 Tour (see "Gwen Stefani To Launch Tour In October, With Black Eyed Peas In Tow"). She said she'd given up her last chance at a vacation with her husband to spend time recording with Pharrell Williams (see "Gwen Cheats On Gavin To Make Family-Affair LP With Pharrell"), since the original idea was to combine leftover tracks from the Love, Angel, Music, Baby sessions with new ones recorded over the summer.

By collaborating with so many producers the first time around, Stefani had a lot of tracks that weren't used on the album; she's told MTV News about "Fine By You," "Wonderful Life for Him" (both with Linda Perry), "Parental Advisory" (with Rich Harrison), "You Started It" (with Pharrell), along with songs produced by Eurythmics' Dave Stewart and Depeche Mode's Martin Gore. Then she began work on new tracks with both Pharrell and No Doubt's Tony Kanal, and came up with "Fluorescent Lights," "Candyland," "Wind It Up," "Breaking Up" and "Orange County Girl," among others. If she were planning to release these songs by early next year, as she expressed interest in doing, she would have to shoot the first video and artwork during her current tour. No wonder she told the Chronicle, "I just need to hibernate for a minute."

Interscope had no response to Stefani's comments, which leaves open the possibility that she could return to the project at a later date. In the meantime, she's now scheduled to put out a DVD in the new year, although there's no word yet on what will be included on it.

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