Pavement Firm Up Plans For New LP, Live Album

Influential indie rockers slated to begin work on new record in eight weeks.

Indie rock kingpins Pavement are slated to head into an as-yet-undetermined

studio at the end of June to begin recording their fifth album, the

follow-up to last year's Brighten The Corners.

Pavement members are expected to convene for their next studio

disc in about eight weeks. At this point, no producer for the album has

been chosen, according to Matador spokeswoman Deborah Orr.

In the meantime, fans can slake their thirst for the group with an upcoming

concert album due out in late July or early August. The performances recorded

for the live LP are taken from a single show in Europe during the band's last


"At this point it's called Live," Orr said. "It's taken from one European

show on the Brighten The Corners tour."

Although she said she has not yet heard the album, Orr said it would be

split between material from Brighten The Corners and the band's

previous albums.

There is as yet no track listing for the live album.

While the band's next album of new material has not yet made it to Matador's

release schedule, Orr cautioned that fans should be patient. "I don't think we'll

put it out before the end of the year," she said.