Ginuwine Wants Justin To Help Him Bring The Ladies Some Concert Love

Seductive R&B singer touring in the spring to promote Back II Da Basics.

Seductive ballads and screaming female fans have always equaled success for Ginuwine, and he's not about to change up the formula.

On his just-released fifth album, Back II Da Basics, the soulful R&B singer says he's proud he's still making 'em drool.

"Ten years in the business ... I gotta say that 'cause 10 years in this business is crazy," said Ginuwine, shaking his head, on the red carpet at the recent Vibe Awards (see "Mariah Wins Big, Mary J. Gets Emotional At Peaceful Vibe Awards"). "I've stood the test of time, weathered a lot of storms and hurdled a lot of obstacles. I'm still here and I'm doing my thing."

As Back II Da Basics suggests, Ginuwine says his latest album returns to a time when there were no temptations to stray from his core formula.

"[The title is] a reminder to myself to take it back to when I first started and not look at it so much as a business," Ginuwine explained. "You gotta learn how to have fun with it too."

The album's first single, "When We Make Love," upholds the singer's reputation as a ladies' man.

"Oh, it's self-explanatory; it's [about] the sounds of lovemaking," he explained before expounding on the video treatment. "It's me wanting to get to my girl ... we hug, we kiss, all that kind of stuff ... [it's] a typical Ginuwine video."

Back II Da Basics — which features production work from Jazze Pha and the Trackmasters — gathers 15 tracks, including "I'm So in Love," a ballad lined up to be the second single.

Ginuwine says he's looking forward to being back onstage in the spring to promote the album. Never one to back away from other heartthrob powerhouses, (see "Ginuwine, Jagged Edge Join Forces to Seduce the Country"), he says he hopes to get together with another heartbreaking act sure to bring the girls in by the droves.

"We talking about going on the road with Justin [Timberlake]," Ginuwine said. "He's going on the road I believe in May and hopefully we can go on the road with him."