50 Cent Open To Doing Business With Jadakiss, Urges Calm Over 'Murda' Mase

Fif says no bad blood between Jada and him.

If Jay-Z and Nas can put aside their differences, why can't Jadakiss and 50 Cent? In hip-hop, anything can happen.

On Monday in New York, 50 told MTV Radio that there's really no bad blood between Jada and him. "Jadakiss, I don't resent him to the point where I'd absolutely like to see him suffer," 50 said.

Last week on New York radio station Hot 97, 50 said that he'd even like to help Jada make his next record.

"I didn't say I would sign him," he said to MTV Radio about the once seemingly far-fetched rumors of Kiss coming to G-Unit Records. "I said I didn't dislike him."

While 50 didn't clarify exactly what his intentions for Jada were, he did allude to the fact that he was open to doing business with the man he's dissed on records, in a music video and on the cover of his current mixtape.

"There are other options and opportunities that may open up for [Jada] in the future," 50 said. "If he's smart enough to explore them, there is a possibility. I'm trying to build my company as fast as possible. There's unlimited possibilities.

"I only wrote two lines about Jadakiss [on 'Piggy Bank']," 50 continued (see "50 Mocks Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Game, Nas In 'Piggy Bank' Video"). "I said, 'I'll do your little ass like Jay-Z did Mobb Deep,' and that was put you on the Summer Jam screen. That wasn't a disrespectful-enough insult to stop Mobb Deep from doing business with me, and they made the best-performing record of their career with 'Outta Control.' It went to the top 10 in all formats."

Although Jada could not be reached for comment, his LOX partner Sheek Louch said, "50 will never put out a Kiss record. Ever."

Jadakiss' Ruff Ryders label had no comment.

One person 50 is definitely going to be working with is Mase. In fact, the two have already knocked out some songs. While Mase has confused and angered some fans with his return to his Murda Mase M.O. of harder raps — Mase has dissed Diddy, Brandy, Fabolous, Loon, the New York Knicks' Quentin Richardson and even dropped lines like "I'll have hoes back of the church humming your name" — 50 says when he started putting out new material by the pastor on the mixtapes he expected some backlash. But 50 also says everyone can calm down — it's all for the greater good.

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"That's actually my idea," 50 said about Mase going back to "Murda." "I'm actually not supposed to say this, but I'mma say it anyway. Me and Mase sat down and had conversations. I told him, 'When you were writing Murda Mase material you sold 4 million records. If you can sacrifice for a moment ... having people being confused with what your intentions are and have them think that maybe 50 is so evil you went from God to the G-Unit, that he got you thinking like that, it'll all be for a greater win when you generate that interest of [millions] of people to deliver a record that has a positive message.' "

50 stressed that Mase's new album won't just be all Murda.

"What you gonna hear when you hear Mase's new record is the production caliber of a Get Rich or Die Tryin' and The Massacre with a more positive message. The concept of it is the phases he's gone through in his life. Right now he's trying to create the Murda Mase portion of it. While he's doing it, I'm taking the pieces of it and putting them on the [mixtape] circuit so they can hear it. These things have been surfacing on radio. It's such a dramatic change, like 'Wow, you got a minister talking aggressive.' If you can get the kid that's listening to that aggressive music to hear and understand your positive message, he actually did something."

50 says that despite his master plan, he still expects some people to shun Mase when his album drops. Nonetheless, he anticipates big album sales.

50, Mase, the G-Unit, Mobb Deep and M.O.P. are all featured on the soundtrack to "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," due November 8 (see "New 50 Music Hits Airwaves; MC Admits That He Too Was Once A Window Shopper"). The film hits theaters the following day.