Our new LP is all about experimental films anyway.

sonicmod: Stereolab is here


sonicmod: Say hello to Stereolab.

Stereolab: Hi, I have arrived. It's Tim.

kaotik_funk: Where can I find out where the

gigs are?

Stereolab: The gigs will be listed on The web

site, we start playing gigs on November 3 and go until December

10. Most major US cities.

erika_and_sarah: Hello, Tim! Have you ever

met Chris Murphy of Sloan? He thinks that Laetitia is "god's

gift," apparently he followed her around NYC one day.

Stereolab: Erica, yes in a clothes store. We

played with those guys. They are really funny guys.

Fresh: Tim, when are you doing a transparent

limited edition 10" with Tom Jenkinson?

Stereolab: Fresh, tomorrow.

Dina: Tim, any dates in Amsterdam planned?

(Not that I can't cross the channel if necessary!)

Stereolab: Dina, yes there is one in October

at the Paradiso. I am not sure. I should have brought my list

with me.

Fresh: Tim, what's with all the horns these

days man? You sound like a marching band!

Stereolab: Fresh, have you heard it then?

Donnergotter: Tim, what's this about a French

split single with Fugu?

Stereolab: Yeah, it's coming out next month I

think. It's a single that we recorded 2 &1/2 years ago and

its taken this long to come out. The guy who is doing it is with

a fanzine, it's very old.

Fresh: Timmy, are you going to bring a horn

section along on tour?

Stereolab: Fresh, no but maybe the High

Llamas will be playing with us. So maybe we can borrow theirs.

B-612: Hey Tim! So Singapore! How about it?

Stereolab: I would love to go to Singapore, I

just found out we have got some fans there.

CharlieV: Tim will play at my birthday party?

Stereolab: Only the if it's on February the


Fresh: Tim, why don't you bring along Tommy

J? You can drug him when you put him on the plane like BA from

the A-Team.

Stereolab: Yeah, we have played with him

before, I would love to drug him and bring him along.

StinkE: When's the album drop?

Stereolab: Stinke, September 23.

StinkE: Elektra?

Stereolab: Yes, on Elektra, Vinyl is on Drag


Dina: Tim, have you heard Piano Magic?

They're from London.

Dito: Tim, will you play here in Brazil?

Stereolab: Dito, we are planning to come to

Brazil early next year. I want to buy loads of records there.

B-612: So, how will the vinyl look like?

Stereolab: B-12, it will be round. One white

vinyl and one green vinyl in the UK.

Fresh: Tim, any more tracks like "Les

Yper Yper Sound" in the pipe? That track is a fucking's like the Minotaur on crack.

B-612: Talking about that, did you like the

Dick Hyman Moog albums, Tim?

Stereolab: Yeah I like the Hyman Moog albums.

CharlieV: Tim, which one of your albums is

your fav?

Stereolab: I don't have a favorite really,

maybe the one we haven't made yet!

Dina: Please illuminate what's the Hyman


Stereolab: The Hyman Moog , Dick Hyman is a

jazz maestro, made electronic cash in albums in the late 60's.

One had a James Brown song which is amazing.

Fresh: Tim, any more remixes in the work? The

Luke Vibert mix was the fucking daddy.

Stereolab: Fresh, I think that we may be

doing some mixes with The Automator and Autechre. And some


Donnergotter: Tim, I heard that Sonic was

planning a reissue of the Spectrum split. True?

Stereolab: Donner, no reissue, apparently one sold for $1000

someone told me.

Fresh: Switched on Bach is crap, you should

check out Jean Jacques Perry, he will blow your fucking lid off.

Stereolab: Fresh, yeah.

B-612: Will you all be working with Luke

Vibert again?

Stereolab: I would like to or one of his

alter egos.

Donnergotter: What about the UI


Stereolab: Don, I have the 24 track with me.

And we will do our mix next week. We will release it in November


Fresh: Tim, are you into Gescom stuff and

Skam and stuff like that?

Stereolab: Yeah, I like Gescom.

Fresh: Do you like any of the other Skam


Stereolab: Fresh, I don't know Skam is it the

same as Worm Interface?

Fresh: No, Skam is a label run by a mate or

Rob and Sean. They release Gescom and other stuff in a similar

vein like Jega and Boards of Canada.

Donnergotter: What was the Boredom's 12"

you played last Thursday at Smithfield's and where did you get

it? I'm desperate to hear it again.

Stereolab: The Boredom's was called

"2000" 12" Mr. Eye, they gave it to me in Japan.

Fresh: Worm Interface is different. They are

totally nice at Ambient Soho. Ed from DMX Krew works there.

Stereolab: Thanks for the information, Fresh,

I really like the ambient Soho shop and it's opposite Simply


Stereolab: Laetitia loves the Petit

Prince .

B-612: Great book, that one. Did you read it?

Stereolab: B-16, I never read that book, but

I saw a documentary about him.

B-612: Well, read it if you can.

Fresh: I saw Laetitia last year at the

Panasonic/Boards of Canada/Autechre/Cylob show in London. She

didn't stick around for Cylob though, what's up with that?

Stereolab: Fresh, I have no idea, maybe it

was way past her bedtime.

CharlieV: Is Laetitia with you at the moment?

Or any other members?

Stereolab: Laetitia is not here right now.

B-612: Y'all heard the Sukia album?

Stereolab: Yeah, we are touring with Sukia

soon and we may do a split single for it.

Donnergotter: Tipsy are better than Sukia


Stereolab: I like Tipsy and Sukia.

B-612: You are? Argh. It's not going to be

one of those limited things, is it?

Stereolab: Only as limited as the amount of

people that turn up I suppose.

Mike: When is Stereolab

coming to Atlanta?

Stereolab: We are going to Atlanta


CharlieV: Tim, is there any way I can get a

hold of any of your Music Videos?

Stereolab: Charlie, there are no video

releases. But we can make a copy if you really want one. We made

another video now for "Miss Modular". By Nick and

Michael. I haven't seen it yet.

CharlieV: Is Stereolab a

band that enjoys making videos or no?

Stereolab: Charlie- I am hardly ever in the

videos, but generally I hate videos. Which is why we have our

friends do them.

ss23: Who books your U.S. shows, normally? I

loved your last appearance at 1st Ave. and the in-store at Let

It Be was cool, too.

Stereolab: Ellen books them SS, she is from


Fresh: Tim, you should do a Stereolab

CD-ROM and put all the videos on threads.

Stereolab: Fresh, we would love to do that.

hp3: Stereolab, please see

if you can arrange to play Boston, MA, USA this tour. Your last

gig here was phenomenal (in spite of some broken strings) . Any

chance? Also, what is the latest address to write to in order to

get merchandise/etc.? I wrote to the address given on the last CD

along w/ 2 IRC coupons (along with some Boston clippings for your

perusal) & never got any reply. This was about a year ago.

Any help?

Stereolab: hp, Never got your letter. But I

cannot remember the address. The address is on the website.

Mike: Is there going to be a Switched

On Volume 3?

Stereolab: Next year Switched on

Volume 3 when we have enough tracks. We have 3 more

singles coming out this year.

Donnergotter: You could release a Switched

On compilation once a year at your rate.

Stereolab: Yeah that's the plan.

Amanda: Tim, answer this, if you will. How

many copies was the glittery version of ETK limited


Stereolab: Something around 2000, I think.

B-612: Will there be any more cheesy stuff

like the mugs and coasters?

Stereolab: Yeah, lots of cheesy stuff. Any


B-612: Yep, pencil cases would do fine. A Stereolab

stationery set. Talk about novelty.

CharlieV: Lunch boxes!

sonicmod: Stereolab asthma


Stereolab: Aphex Twin has done the asthma


Dina: Suggestions for cheesy merchandising:

make it available! I was never able to get anything mail order.

Stereolab: Yeah, we have our mail order

sorted out now everything will be easily available I hope.

ss23: If you've got any videos left, I'd love

to feature them on my video show, can I grab a promo somewhere?

(I can send my private e-mail...).

Stereolab: You have to call Victor in the

Elektra video department.

B-612: Where did you first see the Cliff

Comic, Tim?

Stereolab: In a book about underground

comics, B-12.

Fresh: How about a Stereolab


Stereolab: Maybe a Cliff

mousepad. Okay, I will make a note of all these suggestions.

CharlieV: Tim, what three singles will be

coming out off Dots and Loops?

Stereolab: The three singles are not off the

album, they are separate. Two of the singles are from Duophonic.

Fresh: Tim have you heard the new Aphex Twin

single? It's hardcore. You should do something with Richard. But

Richard's a dodgy one.

Stereolab: Yeah, I know.

CharlieV: Tim, how do you choose who to work


Stereolab: Charlie, we meet them and we

either ask them or they ask us. We like to work with as many

different people as possible. The more the merrier.

Fresh: Tim, whatever happened to the LFO


Stereolab: Fresh, it became very confusing.

CharlieV: Are there just bands that you guys

are fans of?

Stereolab: Charlie, Broadcast, Squarepusher,

Profan stuff, German Studio 1, Kid Loco.

B-612: Is that Grimsby Fishmarket

compilation still available somewhere?

Stereolab: B, Maybe in Sweden.

yaniv: Stereolab, do you

have any idea about where Lucia Pamela is today?

Stereolab: Yaniv, she is still alive in the

US somewhere.

Fresh: Tim, did you like that new Broadcast

record on Warp? I'm not too sure about that.

Stereolab: Fresh, it's brilliant. It's great.

Amanda: Tim, I recently bought this 7"

by some group called Monade that Laetitia did vocals for. Do you

know if she plans on recording anything else with that setup?

B-612: Will there a Monade album?

Stereolab: No idea about a Monade album.

Fresh: Tim, do you like Sam and Valley?

Stereolab: What's Sam and Valley?

Fresh: Sam and Valley is a new group from

Japan that just released an album on Rephlex entitled My Favorite


Stereolab: Yeah. Have you heard the Doopees

from Japan? They are great.

Fresh: Really? The Doopees huh? No, I

haven't. There is always brilliant music coming out of Japan,

they seem to have a brilliant take on things.

Stereolab: She is a singer in Japan who we

wanted to do a single with but couldn't get it together. They

have some CD's out.

CharlieV: This is an off question, Tim, but

do you like any Brad Laner stuff?

Stereolab: Charlie, I don't know Brad Laner


Dina: Tim, have you heard anything by Piano

Magic? They're from London.

Stereolab: I never heard Piano Magic, but I

know the name, I will check it out.

hp3: Tim, are there any snippets of the new

CD available on any of the websites?( I just got on the Internet


Stereolab: Soon on the Elektra site. Check

back at the end of the month. Maybe we will do a

5 second track so that you can hear it all.

CharlieV: I love " Refrations in the

Plastic Pulse", what or who inspired that song?

Stereolab: Charlie, this was for Charles

Long art exhibition in London but it never


Fresh: I want to make one

of these days.

Stereolab: We don't do our site, someone in

Australia does it, but if you want to do another one feel free.

B-612: There's just not enough Stereolab

stuff on the 'Net.

Stereolab: I think that there is loads.

B-612: How so?

Stereolab: 'Cause I have seen it!

Fresh: I want to do an Official site with

real audio and video lovelies and screensavers and desktop themes

and the whole nine!

Stereolab: I would have to speak to you

fresh, I think it's better when sites are not official.

Fresh: Tim, the problem with official sites

is that they are done by a bunch of label suits that have no idea

what the fuck is going on. Not true with me, I only make sites

for stuff I am really into.

Stereolab: The girl who does our site for

Elektra is a cool girl who never wears suits.

Fresh: Yeah, they did a good job with the

background at the Elektra site but it isn't much more than

a press release.

Stereolab: She just tries to do her job, she

is going to be more creative, they are in the process of updating

the new site with even more graphics.

Fresh: Tim, drop me some mail:

Stereolab: Okay, I will email you.

B-612: Aside from one really good site there

isn't really much else except for scattered articles here and


Stereolab: B-6 get a hold of a search engine.

I don't have Internet but I have seen it.

ss23: Do you have or want the Lucia Pamela

album? It's on Arf Arf records.

Stereolab: SS- I have the Lucia CD but not

the vinyl.

CharlieV: Tim will you email me with info on

how I can make a music video for you?

Stereolab: Okay, Charlie. I will make a note.

CharlieV: Thank you so much, it's, sorry for the inconvenience!!

B-612: Have you heard the new As One album?

Stereolab: No, I haven't heard the As One


Donnergotter: Is there any support at

Southend next week?

Stereolab: Donner, Scott Bond. Scott Bond did

a single with Monard.

B-612: I've the single.

Exactly what/who are Scott Bond?

Stereolab: Avant Gaurde boogie piano. Our new

LP is all about experimental films anyway.

B-612: Really? Specifically what?

Stereolab: Well, we did the music like these

people did their films or how I imagine they did anyway. Dots

And Loops is the title of a

experimental animation film from the 1930's.

CharlieV: What inspired the song

"Contact"? That song rips. That song has its own


Stereolab: Charlie, I can't remember.

CharlieV: Tim, in a perfect world, my first

feature film will solely be a Stereolab

soundtrack, with the song "Contact" ripping up the

opening credits.

Stereolab: Charlie, those are pretty long

opening credits then.

ss23: Tim, got to confess, I used

"Metronomic Underground" for the closing credits on a

short avant-garde video about decay. I was wondering what your

policy is on not-for-profit/educational uses of your music. We

credited you, and everyone digs the song.

Stereolab: SS, That's fine. Yeah.

CharlieV: Do you have a favorite film?

Stereolab: Charlie, I like Roman

Polanski's early films.

drone: Hey, cool cats from Stereolab.

What kind of organs and synths did you use in the past?

Stereolab: What didn't we use?

Stereolab: Okay, I gotta go. Yeah yeah. But

we are pretty loose about stuff on the Internet. And yeah we

prefer for people to do their own things but I have got too much

to do, to do it myself.