Jennifer quit to become a supermodel. Good luck to her!

L7 Hey you suckers! It's Suzi & Dee from L7!

SLoGaN What is L7 listening to lately?

L7 Suzi is into the FUCKEMOS, Marilyn Manson, D Generation and CCR. Dee has been enjoying the Fun Lovin' Criminals, Social Distortion and Cheap Trick.

TriCKStRr Are you mad, bad, and dangerous to know?

L7 We're mad, bad, dangerous, and... PSYCHO!

Faust What did you think about the use of "Shitlist" in Natural Born Killers?

L7 It was great to have a song in the opening scene. It gave the movie some credibility.

TriCKStRr Who is your favorite British band?

L7 Suzi says The Rolling Stones and The Pretty Things. Dee says the Beatles and The Kinks

DeadSoul Dee, did you and Ginger compare drummers notes?

L7 Yes, I realized I could never be a drummer as complex as Ginger. It's freaky to be playing with all those tapes.

Alia Why did Jennifer leave?

L7 Jennifer quit to become a supermodel. Good luck to her!

DangerousDan What's the funniest cover song you've ever played?

L7 We are currently jammin' the Proclaimer's "500 miles".

desertHues What did you think of playing with Offspring?

L7 They are very energetic and outstanding young men.

DeadSoul If you come to Canada, can I get an interview with any of you? I am an aspiring Radio Student.

L7 Yes, you can get an interview with us. Get your kneepads ready!

splatterpunk Are your songs gonna' get darker and harder?

L7 Don't say "harder" around us. We're very horny!

DangerousDan Did Donita and Gail really get married in Vegas?

L7 No, they weren't married. But we believe that they did consummate their relationship.

Well, kiddies, we have to go and play a rock show tonight. It's been a slice. Love to you all.