Bravery Willing To Burn Stuff In The Name Of 'Public Service'

Brooklyn synth-rock group gearing up to shoot video for fourth single.

Who in their right mind would draft up a song called "Public Service Announcement" that pokes fun at someone who actually finds themselves on fire? The same band that would think it was a good idea to dodge flaming arrows and perform on speedboats in its music videos: the Bravery.

"It's like when you're in kindergarten, they teach you that thing, like if you catch on fire, you're supposed to 'stop, drop and roll,' and I always thought that was really strange," frontman Sam Endicott explained of the next single from the Brooklyn band's self-titled debut (see "The Bravery Fight Nerves As They Prepare To Drop Debut LP"). "I guess kids are on fire more in America. I don't really know [what that's all about]."

Naturally, the Bravery have big plans for the "Public Service Announcement" music video, which will most likely include them lighting stuff on fire.

"There may be some burning animals," Endicott joked. "We'll see what happens."

Drummer Anthony Burulcich said he'll take one for the team, if necessary. "I'm willing to be lit on fire for this, but I don't know if they'll let me," he said.

Fueled by the success of their past singles — including the somber "An Honest Mistake," "Fearless" and their current clip "Unconditional" — the Bravery have been hard at work trekking around the globe, playing shows (see "Bravery Kick Off Tour, Plan Video With Animals"). And in the rare instance the quintet actually finds itself on a break, the group has been trying to churn out new material for its next album.

"We're sick of playing the same songs all the time, and we want to start bringing in some new stuff," Endicott said. "There'll be more sort of like a human element to [the next LP]. We'll be playing with more chops, skill, that kind of thing, but then there will also be the synthetic stuff that will be even more synthetic. So I think we'll probably just go further in both directions."