Keira Knightley Overcomes Fear Of Machine Guns In Exclusive 'Domino' Clip

'But I still didn't like them,' actress says.

Reinventing the image of 20-year-old, swizzle-stick-thin women everywhere, actress Keira Knightley becomes the living personification of the word "badass" in "Domino," in which she whacks more behinds than a hospital delivery-room physician.

In this exclusive clip, Knightley (as the titular fashion model turned-bounty-hunter) and deadly co-workers Ed (Mickey Rourke) and Choco (Edgar Ramirez) get into a "True Romance"-type standoff with the real-life 18th Street Gang, playing themselves.

As you're watching the scene, feel free to search for any indication of Knightley's genuine hatred of firearms — and the actress' skill at keeping it concealed. "Machine guns absolutely freaked me out," she revealed recently. "I burst into tears the first time I shot it, because I had two of them and [people should only hold one at a time], and I had one in each hand and the force knocked me over. So I basically completely lost control. We had blanks in them, not live rounds, but even so, it freaked me out so that I burst into tears."

"When we actually came to do the scene, I was meant to jump up and [director] Tony [Scott] shouted 'Action!' and my knees locked, and I just physically couldn't make myself stand up. And so he just said, 'Listen, I'll shout action, and you start screaming, and I guarantee you'll be able to do it if you start to scream a lot.' And he was right, so there you go. But I still didn't like them."

Knightley, Rourke, Ramirez and the "Domino" supporting cast of random notables including Lucy Liu, Christopher Walken, Macy Gray and the dynamic duo of "90210" alums Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering arrive in theaters October 14.

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