Chris Brown Dancing His 'Run It!' Straight Up The Charts

Teen enjoying the ride — and the female attention.

You can't really ask for more as a 16-year-old: Chris Brown's "Run It!" just cracked the top 20 on Billboard's Hot 100 and he's already got girls pulling him offstage and chasing his car.

"I love it," Brown said of his admirers' attention. "I think I recognize them more than they recognize me. I'm a fan groupie. I love catering to the fans. Even if I see a group of girls outside, I love sticking my head out the window like, 'Yo, hi!' "

Brown, a former MTV You Hear It First artist (see "Chris Brown Doesn't Regret Upstaging Usher, Rejecting L.A. Reid"), is one of those double threats. His video for "Run It!," which features Juelz Santana with a guest verse, is growing in popularity not only because of the music, but because of Brown's dance moves — look out, Usher and Omarion. Brown's happy feet are so on-point, he hardly had use for a choreographer.

"When they did single shots of everybody, it was all freestyle, everybody bringing their new style to the table," he explained. "There was nothing really choreographed except the group dancing; when you see me and various other dancers doing it in unison. But every single other dance, with me, it was freestyling. I guess the spirit was in us. We was doing it."

Brown said the title of his song is nothing more than code words for trying to scoop a nice shorty. "It's really a guy checking for a girl, or a girl checking for a guy, in a party setting, asking to see if they can run it," he explained. "If they can be eligible to be your girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever. 'Let me see if you can run it; show me what you got.' "

Scott Storch, Cool & Dre, Jermaine Dupri, R. Kelly and Timbaland all have contributed production to Brown's November 29 self-titled debut. Dre & Vidal produced his next single, "Yo."

"Yo," the youngster said, "is basically, you know, how fellas, first thing they say when they see a girl is 'Yo! Yo!' I'm saying it like that, but technically not like that. She takes my breath away, all I can say is 'Yo, let me just talk to you for a minute. Chill with me for a minute.' "

In addition to his LP, the teen said he'll appear on the upcoming "In The Mix" soundtrack with a song called "Which One of Y'all."