The music is variable in moods -- happy isn't the on the list.

Orbital HELLO!

SonicMod Hey Orbital!!!

HeadPhone Are you thinking to come to South America?

Orbital We have no plans to go there yet, but we did discuss it recently.

Pinochet Do you think techno music is the future music?

Orbital No, I don't. It's just a music that goes with a new type of instrument or something like that.

Pinochet How do you want to die?

Orbital Happy, peacefully and quickly.

space-boy How do you like the electronic scene in NYC?

Orbital Don't live here. So we don't know enough about it. There are some interesting things going on tonight.

space-boy Where do think the core of the scene is? Here or London?

Orbital It's spread all over the world, really. Britain is quite condensed with music at the moment. I don't know if that makes it the center, really.

space-boy What's the story with your tour with Underworld?

Orbital We haven't toured with Underworld, we played with them a few times.

space-boy Do you encourage RAVE like prodigy do?

Orbital We don't encourage or discourage RAVE.

Yambu Have you heard any techno-salsa?

Orbital Only some old house records.

space-boy Do you consider your music Happy? Are you Happy?

Orbital Yes, I am happy. The music is variable in moods -- happy isn't the first on the list.

Pinochet Who are your favorite writers? You know Hanif Kureishi for


Orbital Currently I have been enjoying Roddy Doyle and Ian Banks.

SonicMod Are you happy with the line up of tonight's show?

Have you played with these people before?

Orbital I am happy with the show's line-up. Too bad Goldie didn't get to bring his band here. No we haven't played with any of these people before.

Pinochet What do you think about German techno? Are they more evolved?

Orbital Thats master race talk, P!

Yambu Orbital, HELLO! Good luck with your show! Bye!

Orbital Good bye all, thanks for coming by.