Oasis Might Work With Kasabian, Unless It Was Just The Beer Talking

Kasabian hope Noel Gallagher will produce their sophomore LP.

DEVORE, California — "A lot of things are said in dressing rooms at 4 o'clock in the morning when you're drunk," Oasis' Noel Gallagher mumbled in his thick British accent backstage at KROQ-FM's Inland Invasion. And, surprisingly, he wasn't referring to a feud with Liam.

Earlier at the fest (see "Beck Bashes, Barker Mashes, Shirley Clashes, Arcade Fire Smash At KROQ Fest"), members of Kasabian said they had spoken with Gallagher about possibly recording their second album at his studio with the Oasis mastermind producing. But as Gallagher pointed out, it could've been the beer talking. Or maybe not.

"We're talking about doing some stuff with them, but I don't know that anything will come of that," Gallagher said. "They are more than welcome in my studio, and there's a chance I might be doing some songs. I hope it does [happen] — it will be great."

For now, the only sure thing on Gallagher's agenda is Oasis. The band is touring through March and will release the second single from May's Don't Believe the Truth later this month.

"It's 'Let There Be Love,' which is another one that wasn't gonna go on the album," Gallagher said, referring to first single "Lyla," which was hardly his top choice (see "Noel Gallagher Refuses To Watch New Oasis Video"). "I think there is a pattern developing somewhere."

Gallagher is slightly more enthused about "Let There Be Love," which he started writing seven years ago.

"I started to write it and then lost interest, and it's quite long, and it's got quite a few different bits in it, and I kinda came back to it and then went back to it again," the guitarist said. "So it's kinda like a painting, I suppose. And it's about love, and it sounds a bit like the Beatles, I suppose. And yeah, I don't like discussing my own music; it's kind of difficult."

Gallagher also dislikes making videos (he "f---ing hates videos," to be exact), but Oasis made one for "Let There Be Love" anyway, only because the treatment was right up his alley.

"It's just footage that was [shot] on the road," he said. "It was very easy to make because it's kinda just fly-on-the-wall stuff, so we didn't even know it was being made."

As for Noel's relationship with Liam, which tends to sour when the brothers hit the road, it's actually never been better.

"We've got a long way to go, but it's going all right, though," Noel said. "It's the one year in many, many years where everything is going according to plan. So it kind of weirds me out. I'm waiting for something real big to f--- up."