Gorillaz Target 'Dirty Harry' As Third Single; World Tour Begins To Jell

Band says next video, animated global campaign are both in the works.

The Gorillaz already have a hit album and a smash single under their collective cartoon belts, and now they're looking to take their show on the road. Allegedly.

They'd already hinted at a world tour (as much as a group of animated characters actually can hint) while discussing their sophomore album, Demon Days, as well as plans to release a follow-up to their surprise hit single, "Feel Good Inc." (see "Gorillaz Planning World Domination ... Or Maybe A Tour"). But now the masterminds behind the band — Blur frontman Damon Albarn and animator Jamie Hewlett — have spoken on the prospects of a tour, and it sounds promising indeed.

"We intend to do a massive world tour with Demon Days, but I won't be involved with it," Albarn told MTV Europe. "It'll be all animation and big sound systems and stuff."

"We're working on it at the moment, but it's really expensive," Hewlett added. "It's going take a long time, but the great thing is they can play in five cities on one night. It'll be quite amazing to go and see, and it'll be a tour that will grow and change as it continues, as we'll be adding new bits of animation so you can cater it to each city they'll play."

It should be noted that a spokesperson for the Gorillaz had no idea that a world tour was in the works. But Keith Wozencroft, the president of Capitol Music U.K. — a subsidiary of EMI Music, which owns the Gorillaz's label, Virgin — only added fuel to fire earlier this week when he told European trade publication Music Week that the Gorillaz would in fact launch a world tour in 2007, with the band appearing onstage in a high-tech 3-D holographic format. The Gorillaz's spokesperson had no comment on this either.

But while tour details remain murky, their plans for a third single from Demon Days are crystal clear. They've already begun work on a video for the bumping, gun-culture-baiting "Dirty Harry," featuring Booty Brown of influential West Coast MC collective the Pharcyde.

" 'Dirty Harry' is the next single," Hewlett confirmed. "We're just starting the video for that now. It's been a nightmare to storyboard, because it's like three singles. It's not really a clear single in the sense that it changes three times."

"It's a great tune, it's going to freak out DJs and programmers," Albarn added. "There will be edits, I'm sure. If it was the first single out, it wouldn't have got played but seeing as it's the third single, hopefully everyone's bought the album, there's an acceptance that people like this and that's the way you have to play it. And that's the way to do it. Even with 'Feel Good,' American [radio] wanted a whole bunch of edits, but now that it's a massive hit, they've forgotten all those discussions."