New Found Glory Living, Recording At Incubus' Old Haunt

Band living in Malibu mansion where Morning View was made.

When we last left the guys in New Found Glory, they were getting ready to embark on a mammoth 49-city tour in support of 2004's Catalyst — almost one full year after the record hit stores.

It wasn't like they didn't want to do a headlining tour, it was just that their packed schedule — radio festivals, Warped Tour shows and dates opening for Green Day — didn't allow them to launch a proper road show until March (see "New Found Glory Ready To Roll On 49-City Marathon Tour"). And though the waiting was a major bummer, the end result of that headlining tour was a revitalized and recharged New Found Glory.

And now, a little more than two months after coming off the road, NFG are looking to carry that momentum into their new album, which they've begun writing in a Malibu mansion — the same ocean-view chateau Incubus occupied while recording 2002's Morning View (see "New Incubus Album Coming End Of October").

"Yeah, Incubus kind of left their mark on the house. I remember seeing an episode of 'Cribs' where they took people through the mansion, and they had this Bob Marley room with, like, pillows and who-knows-what all over the place," New Found Glory drummer Cyrus Bolooki laughed. "But it's actually cool, because it's a really good room for people to sleep in, even though it's got all these Marley posters on the walls and Incubus did whatever in there."

Bolooki and the rest of the band will be doing plenty of sleeping in the Malibu mansion, plus lots of eating, showering and TV watching too. Because for the foreseeable future, they'll be calling the place home as they begin working on the follow-up to Catalyst.

"The whole idea is that we can be sitting around, watching TV, and suddenly be like, 'Hey, I've got an idea. Let's do this,' " Bolooki said. "We've always wanted to do something like this, but we were never sure just how to do it. And even though we spent the last year of our lives on tour together, I know all the guys are really excited to get into the house, hang out and make some music."

The entire band had been working out new songs during soundcheck sessions of its headlining tour, and since the tour has ended, each member of NFG has kept working on new material. But no one has been as prolific as guitarist Chad Gilbert, who — according to Bolooki — will cruise over to Malibu with volumes of new songs and ideas.

"Chad never stops writing these little ideas. He's got a ton of them," Bolooki said. "We all do. The good thing about our headlining tour is that we had time to soundcheck, and we'd use that time to work through new material. We started working on these jams, and we came out with like six or seven of these jams that the full band would play. And we'll take those with us into the mansion."

Fans, however, shouldn't expect to hear any new material anytime soon, Bolooki said. And who can blame him (or anyone in the band) for wanting to take it easy? It's not every day you get free rein of a mountainside Malibu mansion.

"There is really no end in sight. The goal is to write a record. And we've always had set schedules, but this time we don't want to force ourselves to do anything," Bolooki chuckled. "To be safe, I'd say we'll have a new record done later this year, early next year. In the meantime, I'm going to relax, enjoy the mansion and walk on the beach in Malibu."