Jamie Foxx Has 'Too Many Drinks,' Samples Charles On New LP

Actor ropes in Pharrell, Timbaland for long-awaited Southern Gentleman.

SAN DIEGO — Can someone please pass Jamie Foxx the Courvoisier?

The 37-year-old actor/ R&B singer, who has been hard at work on the follow-up to 1994's Peep This, is about to show the world what really went down after he nabbed an Oscar for his turn as the late Ray Charles.

The video for Foxx's "Last Night I Had One Too Many Drinks," will track the actor after his victory.

"It's the day right after the Oscars, and [all these people are] interviewing me and I'm trying to remember what happened because it was such a glorious time at the Oscars, partying so much and kickin' it. So I have to try to explain what happened," Foxx said at a press junket for his upcoming fighter-pilot flick, "Stealth."

"Last night me and my dogs were hangin' out, tired of being cramped up in the house, and that's all that I remember 'cause I had one too many drinks," said the actor, breaking into song. "See, it's gonna be hot. When I tell you this one is blazing, don't snooze."

Still flying high after his Oscar win, Foxx was able to nab some top beatmakers for his forthcoming album, still tentatively titled Southern Gentleman (see " Jamie Foxx Nabs 50 Cent, Kanye For Album Of 'Love Music' ").

"My man Kanye [West] and I just did one [track] called 'Gold Digger' where we got a sample with Ray Charles," he said.

Foxx also sang the praises of the Neptunes' Pharrell Williams, who produced a track called "I'm Still Here." "Pharrell gave me a hot nugget, like that one [song] on the album that you're always gonna hit repeat and go back to," the actor said.

Harold Lilly (Luther Vandross, Alicia Keys) and Timbaland also mixed beats for the album, which will feature "Unpredictable," "Sex" and "Till I Met Your Sister."

"That song's crazy," Foxx said of "Sister." "It's really a life story about how this guy goes to pick up this girl and another attractive girl answers the door. The next thing you know, they're fraternizing, only come to find out it's [that girl's] sister.

"[We're gonna hit with] 'Gold Digger' first, smash, then 'One Too Many Drinks,' smithereens," the actor boasted. "Then comes the album, and it's a real album, too. I'm not coming out with a CD. I'm coming out with the old-ass album, so get your turntables out."

In other news, Foxx has been burning daylight filming the remake of the '80s TV series "Miami Vice" with Colin Farrell.

"Colin is doing his thing," he said. "[Li Gong] is in the house. Naomie Harris. It's going [to go] down."