Owen And Luke Wilson Making Up, Breaking Up In New Roles

Brothers slated to appear in 'Secret Life of Walter Mitty,' 'Super Ex.'

Slow-drawling, shaggy-haired siblings Luke and Owen Wilson will continue their quest for world domination by further distancing themselves from their "Bottle Rocket" indie roots in, respectively, "Super Ex" and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."

Luke will be teaming with Uma Thurman and director Ivan Reitman ("Ghostbusters"), while Owen will collaborate with director Mark Waters ("Mean Girls") and a romantic lead yet to be selected.

"Mitty" is a remake of both the James Thurber short story and the 1947 Danny Kaye comedy classic, concerning a comic-book writer who daydreams about his "secret" second life as an adventurous hero. Waters and Wilson plan to change the story line considerably, altering the life-changing event that gives Walter his dare-to-be-great opportunity. In past versions, he stumbled across highly desired crown jewels hidden since World War II; this time around he'll fall in love with the daughter of a bank robber.

"Super Ex" casts younger brother Luke as a man who breaks up with his superhero girlfriend and then finds himself at the whim of her superpowers. Although the "Old School" star had previously attached himself to the project, the casting of Thurman brings it one step closer to this fall's intended shoot in New York. The script was penned by veteran "Simpsons" writer Don Payne and will mark Reitman's first directorial effort since the 2001 comedy "Evolution."

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The "Mitty" remake has a long, storied Hollywood pedigree that seems deserving of a Wilson brothers movie of its own (oldest sibling Andrew does have some free time on his hands these days). Producer Samuel Goldwyn Jr. has been trying to get the film made for more than a decade; his legendary father produced the original. At one point, Jim Carrey was scheduled to star with Steven Spielberg directing, and the project has also slipped through the fingers of various other talents including Ron Howard and "The Mask" director Chuck Russell. The film has also gone through at least three rewrites.

The released details of the two upcoming Wilson films also reveal one truly shocking fact: as of this moment, Vince Vaughn has nothing to do with either one. Then again, Owen is still trying to fill the role of his love interest.

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