Black Eyed Peas Put Two In A Pod With Simultaneous Singles

In the meantime, rapper Will.I.Am keeping busy with new Sergio Mendes, Macy Gray albums.

HOLLYWOOD — Why release one single when you can release two? That seems to be the Black Eyed Peas' new philosophy as they gear up to release a pair of tracks off their latest LP, Monkey Business.

"[The second single] is a song called 'Don't Lie,' but at the same time we release that, we're gonna come with another lifestyle kind of song called 'Like That' with Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, John Legend and Cee-Lo," Will.I.Am revealed backstage at the 2005 BET Awards (see "Destiny's Child Give Lap Dances, Fugees End Feud At BET Awards").

" 'Don't Lie' is a summer feel-good song about messed up relationships," he said. "It's a song about owning up and apologizing and realizing your faults. It's about being a man, or a woman — an adult — and confronting situations honestly."

The Peas have already filmed a video for the song in Brazil, a country whose culture inspired Monkey Business. While the rapper divulged that there will be a slew of "Brazilian things" in the video, he remained mum on the plot. "There's dancing, clubs, stuff like that," Will said.

"Like That," a mellower tune with a quick delivery, "is more underground hip-hop, where our roots came from," he said.

Apart from the Peas, Will has been hard at work on Brazilian legend Sergio Mendes' forthcoming LP, which will also feature Stevie Wonder, Q-Tip and Jill Scott. "It's like hip-hop samba," Will said.

The rapper is also crafting beats for Macy Gray's new album, tentatively titled Big (see "Macy Gray Tries On Clothing Line, Rapper/Stripper/Burglar Role"). The raspy-voiced R&B singer recently signed to Will's record label and plans to drop her LP this fall.

"That record's, like, stupid," the rapper exclaimed. "It's classic Macy Gray joints."

Finally, Will and the rest of the Peas kick off the Harajuku Lovers 2005 Tour, a 16-date summer trek with labelmate Gwen Stefani, October 16 in Phoenix (see "Gwen Stefani To Launch Tour In October, With Black Eyed Peas In Tow").

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