Suge Knight Lends Las Vegas Police, Cabbie A Helping Hand

Nevertheless, local news depicts Tha Row CEO negatively after drunken drama.

Even when he's on his best behavior, the media's got to drag Marion "Suge" Knight's name through the proverbial mud.

Over the weekend, a slap-happy member of Suge's entourage assaulted a taxi driver in Las Vegas. But the local media's portrayal of the incident would have one believe Tha Row CEO was either directly involved in the cabbie pounding or that he had somehow become the primary focus of the Vegas police department's "ongoing investigation" into the attack outside the Palms Hotel & Casino.

Not so, according to an investigator with the city's Taxi Cab Authority. Instead, Suge actually lent police a helping hand, bringing a potentially explosive situation under control.

"It was more his notoriety that made this situation a big deal" for the local media, said Taxi Cab Authority investigator Rob Stewart. "But Mr. Knight wasn't the problem."

Bo Pedersen-Rogers, 22, was. According to Stewart, Pedersen-Rogers was led out of the casino and into the back of a taxi by members of the resort's security staff. When the intoxicated woman announced that she was about to throw up, the cabbie tried kicking her to the curb.

"It developed into a disagreement and there was an argument, and she wound up hitting him 10 times," Stewart said.

The Taxi Cab Authority was called, and an officer was dispatched to the scene. Pedersen-Rogers admitted to attacking the cabbie and resisted the officer's attempts to cuff her — until the Big Man stepped in, that is. Still, local news accounts described the scene in a slightly different manner, claiming "Knight and his group tried to intimidate security and the Taxi Cab Authority Police when they tried to arrest [Pedersen-Rogers]."

"[Suge] calmed her down, told her things would be OK," Stewart said.

Pedersen-Rogers was charged with battery, a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to six years in prison.