Food Fight Puts Corey Clark In Another Messy Situation

Ex-'Idol' singer recently went public with claims of Paula Abdul affair.

Corey Clark, the former "American Idol" contestant who made waves last month when he went public with claims of an affair with "Idol" judge Paula Abdul, has been charged with misdemeanor battery charges stemming from an alleged food fight he had with his record company manager while the two were eating breakfast in a Sacramento, California, hotel.

According to police, Clark was eating with Laura Kathleen Troy on Saturday when the two began to argue about an incident that had occurred at Clark's concert the previous night at Raley Field. Hotel guests called police after hearing loud noises and the sound of breaking glass coming from Clark's room.

"When we arrived at the hotel room, it was in a state of disarray," police spokesperson Sergeant Justin Risley said. "There were broken dishes and clothes all over the room, and a bowl of cereal had been splattered against the wall. The injuries on both parties were very minor. Both Mr. Clark and Mrs. Troy had a few small scratches on their arms."

Troy did not want to file charges against Clark, so he was cited with a misdemeanor and ordered to appear in Sacramento County Superior Court on July 22. Both Troy and Clark then left Sacramento in a van and returned to Los Angeles.

"They just appeared to have an argument while they were eating breakfast," Risley said. "I mean, they got into a van and headed back to Los Angeles together after the whole incident."

Calls to Clark's spokesperson, Jed Wallace, were not returned by press time.

Clark grabbed headlines — and his very own "Primetime Live" special — in May when he went public with his alleged affair with Abdul (see "Corey Clark Advertises Paula Abdul Affair, LP On 'Primetime' "). Clark released his self-titled debut album on June 21 via Bungalow/ CDC Music (see "Corey Clark Nabs Scott Storch, Peas Members For His 'Hot To Death' LP".)

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