Sum 41 To Show The Amateurs How It's Done, Hope For Lindsay Lohan Mash-Up

Band performing at Guitarmageddon this weekend in Los Angeles.

Sum 41 have always been known for their vaguely amateurish guitar antics, and now they're headed to the mecca of amateurish guitar antics ... the sixth annual Guitarmageddon, taking place this weekend in Los Angeles.

The band will perform at the event, the finals of the nation's largest search for unsigned guitar talent, on Saturday at the Wiltern LG.

Guitarmageddon — sponsored by Guitar Center, the nation's leading employer of ponytailed dudes — is the culmination of a three-month-long competition that featured more than 3,000 contestants riffing their way through in-store showcases, district and regional competitions. The eight finalists in the competition will take the stage at the Wiltern to wail before a group of celebrity judges — which may include Sum 41's Deryck Whibley and Dave Baksh — for a totally sweet prize pack that includes a Gibson Les Paul '59 Reissue guitar and a $2,500 Guitar Center shopping spree.

Sum's performance comes one day after they wrap their North American Go Chuck Yourself Tour. They'll head over to Europe and the U.K. for a string of shows before coming back to the States to kick off their stint opening for Mötley Crüe's Carnival of Sin Tour next month (see "Motley Crue Plan Summertime Carnival Of Sin With Sum 41"). But their future plans aren't just limited to playing gigs; they're also filming videos, but primarily only for fans in their home country of Canada.

The video for "Some Say," directed by Sean Turrell, is a green-screen-heavy clip featuring all four members of Sum 41 appearing and disappearing in what appears to be one take without any edits. And while that all sounds well and good, the real question is, when will Sum fans in the U.S. get a chance to check a new video from last year's Chuck album?

It could be pretty soon. Maybe.

"I think the next single could be for the song 'No Reason,' but we don't have any idea for the video or anything like that," Whibley said when MTV News spoke with him at last month's HFStival in Baltimore. "We just decided to release it as a single a little bit ago."

"We don't really have any more video ideas," drummer Steve Jocz chimed in. "The well is dry."

OK, then. Given that Island Records — Sum's label — didn't seem to be aware of Whibley's plans to release "No Reason" as a single, fans might not want to hold their breath for a new Stateside clip anytime soon. But what about the alleged mash-up album being recorded by the band and rapper Ludacris (see "Sum 41 To Record Mash-Up Album With Ludacris?"), an idea hatched back in January when Sum backed up Luda during his "Saturday Night Live" performance (see "Luda, Sum 41 Get Down On 'Get Back' During 'SNL' Rehearsal")?

"That never really materialized," Jocz sighed. "But if it did, I'd like to do a mash-up with Lindsay Lohan. But it's not like dirty or anything. I just really want to get into teen movies."