Backstage At The Movie Awards: Sandler, Rock, Cruise, Holmes

Haylie hugs Pedro, and Jimmy Fallon squeezes Napoleon.

LOS ANGELES — As the 2005 MTV Movie Awards proved, there's no telling what will happen when celebrities collide.

While the big show featured some groping, some making out and a lot of wisecracking (see "Eminem Teases Lindsay And Newbies Rule At MTV Movie Awards"), there was just as much unpredictable activity going on backstage.

(Click for photos from backstage at the show.)

It all began on the red carpet outside the Shrine Auditorium, which was literally buzzing when Fat Joe and Nicole Richie arrived. As the pre-show guest hosts taped their opening greeting, a bee stormed the stage and nearly flew into Joe's mouth. "That was a close one," the rapper quipped.

Joe and Nicole were both excited to get their Billy Bush on, but it was Richie who wanted to interview everyone, especially Quentin Tarantino. And as it turned out, the "Kill Bill" director was just as excited to meet the "Simple Life" star. "I think you're hysterical," Tarantino told her, before revealing that she could expect "Kill Bill 3" in 10 years, once Vivica A. Fox's daughter grows up and becomes a blind swordsman. Maybe Richie could play her hard-partying sidekick.

Also stoked to see Richie on the red carpet was close friend Lindsay Lohan, who shooed Jessica Biel away so they could catch up. When the cameras started rolling, Richie jokingly complimented Lohan's waistline, a reference to tabloid reports that both are too skinny. (Check out what Lohan and Richie were wearing in "MTV Movie Awards Fashion Recap: Mary-Kate Clones And Logo Tees Rule Red Carpet.")

While last year's guest host and Richie's "Simple Life" co-star, Paris Hilton, was not spotted at the Movie Awards, she did take in the show's style studio (a.k.a. swag party) earlier in the week at a mansion in Beverly Hills. At the event, a benefit for Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, Hilton and other celebs like Shannon Elizabeth and Tori Spelling picked up such trendy items as Philosopher Garden T-shirts (Paris picked out, "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication." — Leonardo da Vinci), Salt Optics sunglasses and Ugly Dolls.

Elsewhere on the red carpet, while Hilary Duff's security guards rushed the teen star through, Haylie Duff stayed behind to give a hug to "Napoleon Dynamite" co-star Efren Ramirez. Efren, who brought along his "stunt double"/ identical twin, was a hit with the reporters, doing his interviews in Pedro's voice. "If I win, you can be my secretary or something," he told one reporter.

Fresh off his appearance in the Michael Jackson trial (see "Jay Leno, Chris Tucker Take The Stand In Jackson Case"), Chris Tucker made a surprise appearance on the red carpet and then spent the rest of the night mingling in the VIP room. Apparently having more fun than expected, Tucker at one point took out his cell phone and urged one of his friends to come join him. Jackson? Doubt it.

After presenting early in the show, Adam Sandler and Chris Rock held court just outside the VIP room, cracking jokes with anyone who walked by. Rock and distant cousin (OK, maybe not) the Rock greeted each other with a man-hug just before Chris spotted another action star. "Yo, Diesel!"

Later, the Rock caught up with Nick Lachey to talk sports for a minute, only to be interrupted by Tarantino. "Congrats," Lachey said to the director of the winner for Best Fight scene.

Outside the backstage doors, where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arrived on a motorcycle earlier in the night, Taryn Manning, Terrence Howard and the cast of "Hustle & Flow" reunited for a smoke. Afterward, DJ Qualls ("Road Trip") spilled the beans about his next movie, a romantic comedy with Alexis Bledel ("Gilmore Girls"). "I'm engaged to the most popular girl of this small town, and when I get cold feet and cheat on her, everyone comes after me," he said.

Also outside, Jessica Alba, perhaps inspired by Britney Spears' home movies, handed a video camera to her publicist. "Just push this button, it's really easy," she instructed as she walked into the photo room with her "Fantastic Four" co-stars.

Dustin Hoffman brought his teenage son and his friends to the show, but when he tried to drag his son into his interview with Sway, it took four friends to push the teen in front of the camera. It must be so embarrassing to have your dad talking about Eminem on MTV.

Tom Cruise might be all carefree these days, but his security entourage was still serious as ever, plowing people over to make way for the star to walk around. Cruise mostly flew from one corner to another, but he did stop for a few minutes to have what looked like a heart-to-heart with young actor Emile Hirsh ("Lords of Dogtown").

When "Napoleon Dynamite" was announced as the Best Movie winner, sections of the VIP room cheered, and several celebrities, including the Rock and Daryl Hannah, made their way to where Jon Heder would be coming offstage to sing him their praises. Host Jimmy Fallon even gave him a hug. "Good job, you did awesome," Heder replied.

Finally, there's no official word as to why Judd Nelson attended the show but didn't appear with the rest of his "The Breakfast Club" co-stars onstage, but it was seemingly apparent backstage. Looking like the lovechild of Tim Burton and Rob Zombie (who was also backstage), Nelson was spotted behind the bar pouring drinks for his friends ... and of course a few for himself. As a memorable rebel once said, "Eat my shorts."