Rilo Kiley Freaked Out By Stuffed Animals, Coldplay's Food

Band visits taxidermy shop in 'Portions for Foxes' video, gearing up for tour.

There's one thing Rilo Kiley fear even more than the massive audiences they'll be playing in front of when they join Coldplay on the just-announced Twisted Logic Tour — and that's stuffed animals.

Not the cute, cuddly kind you had as a kid, but rather the de-gutted, stuffed, glass-eyed variety you find at taxidermy shops all throughout this nation's mostly rural areas. That proved to be a bit of a problem for the band — singer Jenny Lewis, guitarist Blake Sennett, bassist Pierre de Reeder and drummer Jason Boesel — on the set of its latest video, "Portions for Foxes," which takes place in the warehouse of an honest-to-goodness taxidermist.

"It was very creepy. Very creepy. And kind of sad, too," Sennett sighed. "It wasn't just like bears and animals like that, either. It was full of animals you wouldn't think people would have stuffed, like dogs and cats. I remember this one little stuffed pug was just sort of sitting there."

And it wasn't just deceased domestic animals getting in on the act. At the end of the clip — directed by Brian Lazzaro, with Samuel Bayer (Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit") serving as the director of photography — the band gets stuffed, which wasn't actually as bad as you might think.

"Basically they just threw a bunch of white makeup on our faces and told us to be extra still," Sennett laughed. "So that part was pretty easy."

The "Portions" video is just another peak in a pretty amazing year for Rilo, starting in August when they released their third album More Adventurous (see "Rilo Kiley's New LP Inspired By Heartbreak, Tennis-Camp Dudes"), and graduated from playing small clubs and touring in a van. Now they're making plans to finish their respective side projects, including the second record from Sennett and Boesel's the Elected and Lewis' solo debut, Rabbit Fur Coat. Oh, and one more small thing: On August 30, they'll start opening shows for Coldplay on their Twisted Logic Tour (see "Coldplay Kick Off 36-City Twisted Logic Tour In August").

It's undoubtedly the biggest opportunity of Rilo Kiley's career, being handpicked by one of rock's biggest acts to open a massive North American tour. It's a chance to win over thousands of fans and to take the stage at rock meccas like New York's Madison Square Garden.

But Sennett is trying to remain levelheaded about the whole thing. After all, he knows that probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 97 percent of fans in attendance won't give a crap about his band.

"Oh, we're definitely playing to Coldplay audiences. And I know there are going to be nights where it's weird and uncomfortable up onstage," he said, "but I'm just going to try and enjoy doing things like playing Madison Square Garden. Getting to do things that, honestly, seem surreal to us."

When asked what some of those things might be, Sennett replied: "I don't know. Well, for one, Coldplay definitely have a caterer. Every night they get their food catered, so that'll be kind of weird for us," he laughed. "Usually we just play a show and then run across the street to some random Thai restaurant."