Limp Bizkit Change Their Tune, Will Release Fan-Picked Single

Purported plans for a single and video at odds with Durst's passive marketing scheme.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Just ask Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst.

The Bizkit's latest offering, the LP-priced collection of seven songs called The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1), has been sliding down Billboard's albums chart with remarkable speed since its commercial release little more than four weeks ago — this week, Truth checks in at #195, with sales of just over 5,000 (see "Audioslave Rage To First Billboard #1"). Now, it seems the disc's feeble retail showing forced Durst to forsake his self-imposed "no promotion, no single, no video — period" edict (see "Limp Bizkit: What Happened?").

According to a posting on Limp Bizkit's Web site, the rap-rockers will be releasing a radio single after all. They'll even shoot a video for the track. And what song will it be? That's a decision too important to leave to anyone other than Bizkit buffs.

In a June 2 posting to Durst's blog entitled "Expose," the frontman waves the white flag, writing, "We are finally going to go with our first single from [The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1)]. We have not decided on a song yet and would like to know what you would pick."

"The Truth," perhaps the album's most commercial cut, is out of the question. The band had shot a performance video for the song, which it made available to fans on its Web site several weeks before the album dropped. "We made the video for our core fans on the Web site only, so that one has been taken and must be kept sacred," Durst wrote. "After looking at your responses, we will figure out which one was most chosen and decide from there."

How can fans vote? By logging onto the site, and adding a comment to the "Expose" posting. So far, the consensus amongst the Bizkit brood seems to be "The Priest."

A Geffen spokesperson had only this to say to MTV News: "If Fred is saying it on the site, I'm sure it's true." The band's management could not be reached at press time.

The week after its release, The Unquestionable Truth opened a turkey, as the chart's #24. It fell to #82, then to #111, and this week, to #195. All told, the disc has sold just over 63,000 copies — shocking when you consider Limp's previous record, Results May Vary, moved more than 325,000 during its first week at retail.

Of course, no one — aside from maybe the band's allegiant, site-frequenting fans — was even aware of the fact that The Unquestionable Truth was coming out on May 3. Some of Limp's regular customers weren't even in the loop. As Durst revealed to MTV News back in February, he wanted to take a minimalist, almost unheard-of promotional approach with Truth: In short, Bizkit and their label, Geffen, would be doing nothing at all to push the disc.