Interpol Too Weary To Make Video For 'Narc'

Bassist Carlos D. threatens to remove sunglasses, reveal bags under eyes.

IRVINE, California — After not appearing in their last video, Interpol are going a step further for the follow-up to "Evil." They're not making one.

"We've made some videos that we all stand by, and they are good videos, but it takes a lot out of you," guitarist Daniel Kessler said backstage at the recent KROQ Weenie Roast. "It's a lot of repetitive things, doing it over and over and over again. [With 'Evil'] we enjoyed basically being in Europe while getting copies of the video and being like, 'No, yes, no,' without really being involved."

Although Interpol are neglecting to make a video, the New York rockers are in fact enthused about releasing "Narc" as the third single from Antics (see "Interpol's Fans Are About To Get 'Evil' ").

"It's probably one of the more collaborative tracks we've ever done," Kessler said. "I had the main riff, and everyone started adding on their little piece that [made] the song really develop and become its own entity. And then when we went to the chorus, [singer] Paul [Banks] and I spontaneously went to the same chords. It's one of those songs that's really different stylistically from the album, but everything that happened happened without [discussion]. It was all on instinct."

Without a video getting in the way, Interpol will spend their summer focused on touring. Along with some more U.S. radio-station festivals and the European festival circuit, the band is hitting Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and plans are in the works for Mexico.

Along the way, Interpol will share the stage with some of their favorite classic bands, namely the Pixies and U2, as well as Queens of the Stone Age and Hot Hot Heat (in Chicago at Q101's Block Party on Friday).

"A lot of bands have broken through to commercial radio that normally would not have been getting played a few years ago, so the climate's changed a little bit," Kessler noted. "There's actually more interesting things still in the underground, though. When things like that happen, the underground actually gets more interesting and there's a lot of really great stuff that I'm discovering. New genres, even."

Perhaps some of that will influence the next Interpol album?

"Do I need to take off my sunglasses and show you the bags under my eyes?" bassist Carlos D. countered. "No, we're gonna take some time off."