Juvenile Gets Busy At The Holiday Inn — Making An Album

Most of Reality Check was recorded in New Orleans hotel room.

Don't ever accuse Juvenile of not being gully enough. The Nolia veteran made most of his upcoming album in a Holiday Inn hotel room.

Strangely enough, Juve used the New Orleans hotel suite as his album muse, according to his publicist. Claiming the space was both secluded and organic, he and his comrades set up shop all around the room — including the bathroom — to record their creative energy.

Reality Check will be the MC's first project following his departure from his original label, Cash Money Records. Discovering that he wasn't getting what he thought was his proper share (see "Juvenile's Bling Was All An Illusion"), the father of "Back That Azz Up" called it quits after Juve the Great. Now he seems comfortable with his new home at Atlantic Records, which also distributes the rapper's UTP Records.

Juve grabbed collaborations with Ludacris, 8Ball, Fat Joe, Brian McKnight and up-and-comer Trey Songz for Reality Check. "Animal" will be the first single from the album, which is slated to drop August 23.