CKY Need A Bass Player; What They Don't Need Is An Ego Boost

Guitarist calls upcoming An Answer Can Be Found 'an instant classic.'

CKY's Chad Ginsburg is so excited about his band's forthcoming disc, An Answer Can Be Found, that he's practically bursting at the seams with rabid energy. The guy's just pumped. Every expressive word that comes out of his mouth just teems with enthusiastic anticipation as he describes this, the band's fourth opus.

"Um, it's a CKY album, dude," Ginsburg explained, half-awake. "It's the only kind of album we make." Damn, can't you just feel this man's febrile passion?

"It's the only rock record I'll be listening to this year," he said. "It's an instant classic. It's a CKY record. I don't want anyone else's record. I want this one. It's a great record. We love it. The songs, they're new songs. They're not the same songs that were on the last record."

Maybe Ginsburg, guitarist for the progressive, prank-pulling post-hardcore chug-rock trio, doesn't feel he needs to go into detail about An Answer Can Be Found because, well, he agrees with singer/guitarist Deron Miller's recent online boasts, that the record is hands down 2005's best rock album. In fact, when it comes to CKY, everything the band does is, naturally, the best ... according to CKY, anyway.

"Why wouldn't it be? What else would I be existing for? This is stupid," Ginsburg said. "Everything you do better be the best. Other than that, get out of my way. It's not bullsh--. It's loud, it's passionate. But I ain't f---ing lying to you. Confidence is key. What are you going to do, commit suicide? Live, dude. It's about making sure you force the change. There are kids out there who are going to need to learn from you. It takes a certain amount of being pissed to make sure other people are happy. If I come across as cocky, I'm doing it for the good of everyone else."

The latest from CKY — whose lineup is rounded out by drummer Jess Margera, Bam's bro — is due June 28, but there's much to do before then. First of all, the boys need to shoot a video for their single "Familiar Realm."

"We're going to do another one with Bam, which keeps it all CKY," Ginsburg explained. "Getting other people involved tends to distract things. We like to keep things in-house. We've made plenty of videos — maybe 14 so far with Bam. Hopefully, we'll spend more money on it than we ever have before. We could do it cheap. We've done a lot of low-budget videos, and they're still better than everybody's."

They'll also need to find themselves a new bassist they can take on the road for a summer tour Ginsburg said is in the planning stages: "When we can get a dude who can deal with us and we can deal with, we'll get out on tour as soon as possible. I'm anxious and ready to furiously fire the hell out of people. We're ready to do this."

And then there's the airing of CKY's "A Very Special Special" on MTV2 on May 27. The documentary-style program will provide fans with behind-the-scenes, backstage and onstage glimpses of the group while previewing material from An Answer Can Be Found. Featuring soaring guitar solos for the first time in the band's brief history, Answer includes the tracks "Suddenly Tragic," "Dressed in Decay," "Deceit is Striking Gold," "Behind the Screams" and "Don't Hold Your Breath."