Kelly Clarkson Turns 23; Fans' Tour Wishes Come True

After hitting Europe, 'Idol' winner will return to U.S. for summer leg.

She may be a multiplatinum singer, but Kelly Clarkson isn't above a little silly string and velvet-red cake when it comes to celebrating her birthday. In fact, she's up for getting a little dirty and staying out on the road.

When it came time to fete turning 23 on Sunday at her concert in Wallingford, Connecticut, she ended up smeared in cake from head to toe and then happily proceeded to her meet-and-greet. Thinking back to the weekend festivities, Clarkson wouldn't divulge what she was thinking as she blew out her candles. "I can't tell you what I wished for because then it won't come true," she said. "It definitely had to do with work. It usually does."

For her rabid fans this news means even more tour dates to come for their beloved Taurean. Clarkson said she feels lucky to be where she is and is excited to be on the road with her fans on her first solo headlining tour. "I don't really care if I headline or if I don't but you know everyone in the audience is there to see you," she said. "It's very cool to have all my hardcore fans right there and having fun. They know all the songs, and they sing to everything."

Two of her songs have hit number one and are still going strong: the title track to her sophomore album, Breakaway, and "Since U Been Gone." Clarkson also has a new single, "Behind These Hazel Eyes," working its way up the charts. With all of this success, she knows she's not going to have much of a summer vacation. "The ups and downs, I guess, of having a great record and people liking it is that you're busy the whole time," she said. "So that's cool, but at the same time, there's no time off."

Admittedly, touring is Clarkson's favorite part, so she doesn't mind adding more shows — a lot more shows, in fact. This leg of her tour was set to wrap up in Vancouver, British Columbia, on May 29, but she confirmed an extension. "Right after this we're going to Europe, and then I'm coming back here and we're doing a big summer leg and changing up the tour a bit, changing up the show and hitting some cities we didn't hit before. After that we're going worldwide and doing a big tour."

Clarkson, with her days as a part-time Red Bull solicitor long behind her, said the toughest part of traveling and touring is keeping her pipes up in good shape. "The only problem is just singing so much. You have to shut up and that's really hard for me. I talk a lot," she laughed.

While she may have rested her vocal cords by playing some guitar on her last tour, Clarkson said she's not going to attempt that on this one. "I don't want to fake it until I'm really good," she said. "I'm practicing now on tour with my guitarist Danny [Weissfeld]. I don't want to be one of those people that I make fun of."

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