Spoon Serve Up Diversity On Upcoming LP

Sophomore album from Austin, Texas, trio offers more experimental approach to recording.

Now that he has one album of straight-ahead pop-punk behind him, Spoon frontman Britt Daniels took a more daring approach to laying down the tracks for his band's latest LP.

What he came out with is something more experimental, yet equally as aggressive.

Daniels and Spoon went into the studio to record their second album, A Series Of Sneaks, with the idea that they wanted to tinker with their sound and take some steps away from the no-frills rock songs on their debut album, Telephono.

"For Telephono, I was writing with the frame of mind that we were a live band first and foremost, and we wrote fairly straight-ahead rock songs, straight ahead as I could make them, kind-of proto-punk, very pop-rock," said singer and guitarist Daniels, 26.

A Series of Sneaks is slated for an April 28 release.

"With this album, I wrote it knowing it was being written for a record," he added. "It's a lot more diverse and a lot more experimental."

Experimental might just be the best word to describe the 14 short bursts of melody and thought that mark the Austin, Texas, trio's second effort. From the spare beats of "30 Gallon Tank" to the thoughtful harmonies and acoustic guitar that give way to warpy outer-space sounds at the end of "Metal Detektor," Spoon show themselves to be a band unafraid to tamper with its music.

Consider the taut beat and dirty guitars that lay the groundwork for Daniel's snarling vocals on "Utilitarian" (RealAudio excerpt), on which he reduces the joys of love and eating to their simplest form: "Making out, taking out/ it's utilitarian."

Album tracks include: "Utilitarian," "The Minor Tough," "The Guest List/The Execution," "Reservations," "30 Gallon Tank," "Car Radio," "Metal Detektor," "June's Foreign Spell," "Chloroform," "Metal School," "Staring At The Board," "No You're Not," "Quincy Punk Episode" and "Advance Cassette."