Amerie Touches Up Her Go-Go Skills On New Record

Booty-bouncing songstress infuses April 26 release with percussive D.C. sound.

It seems like every booty-bouncing songstress in great shoes needs her own select producer or production team who makes magic only for her. Janet has Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Brandy has Rodney Jerkins. Next up is sophomore Amerie, who has found a basement muse of her own: Rich Harrison.

Harrison wrote and produced Amerie's 2002 debut, All I Have, and he also plays a leading role in her follow-up, Touch.

"Rich and I have chemistry and something very distinctive," Amerie said. "The first song we did together, we didn't have that sound, but as we started working together in that basement, it just started to develop. And we created something special on this album as well as the last."

On All I Have, the two made offbeat drums and strong choruses their trademark with songs like "Why Don't We Fall in Love" and "Talkin' to Me." Touch is no different, usurping the Washington, D.C., metro area's go-go sound — a heavy, percussive style that combines several drum patterns at once.

"You don't hear go-go outside of D.C.," Amerie said. "We did it the first time on 'Need You Tonight,' which was a song on the last album, but we slowed it down a lot. And this time we did it on an up-tempo [track]. I was like, 'We have to do it in an up-tempo way because when you hear it on the radio in D.C., it's fast.' ... So it's a fresh sound for everybody but people in the D.C./ Maryland/ Virginia area. They [already] know what it is."

Amerie's second album, Touch, is out on Tuesday.