Check Out The New Clark Kent: 'Superman Returns' Photos Released

Pictures introduce Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel's alter ego.

Up, up and away! The first photos of Brandon Routh on the Australian set of "Superman Returns" are out, and fanboy pulses are quickening faster than a speeding ... well, you know.

Dressed as the Man of Steel's mild-mannered alter ego, newcomer Routh strikes a remarkable resemblance to Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent. Whether it's the glasses, the askew tie or the awkward wave, Routh and director Bryan Singer seem to have captured a look that will appeal to multiple generations of Superman fans.

(Click for the first photos from the set of "Superman Returns.")

For now, we'll have to keep waiting for those first photos of Routh in the iconic cape and tights, but if you want a tiny preview of the Clark Kent's flip side, check out the brawny determination on Routh's face as he runs through the streets of Metropolis.

"Superman Returns" will flex its theatrical muscles in June 2006; in the meantime, keep checking back with us for the very latest photos and news.

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