Thrice To Play Coachella Days After Playing 'Anti-Coachella'

Then the group will finish up recording experimental album.

You have to pity the poor travel agent who was in charge of handling Thrice's travel plans for the last weekend in April, because the band is going to be logging some serious frequent-flyer miles.

Not only are Thrice scheduled to headline day one of New Jersey's "anti-Coachella," the Bamboozle Festival, on April 29 (see "My Chemical Romance, Brand New, Thrice To Headline Bamboozle Fest On Jersey Shore"), now they're also going to perform two days later at Coachella itself in Indio, California.

"We got offered to play Coachella, and it's a totally different experience on a totally different side of the country, so we're going to take a quick plane ride over there and try it out," Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue said. "I'm excited to be the only band playing both. Because on any kind of bill, we're usually the band that makes people stop and ask, 'Why are they on that bill?' "

"We don't want to be kept in a box," drummer Riley Breckenridge added. "I mean, we enjoy what we did in the past, and we'll enjoy playing Bamboozle, but we also want to expand. With the new record, we're expanding and trying new things, and part of that entails getting out and playing in front of new people that maybe [aren't] into us, but we're always going to try."

Oh yeah, there's also the matter of that new record, which the band is recording in New York with producer Steve Osborne (Happy Mondays, Paul Oakenfold). After finishing their set at Coachella, Thrice will hop back on a plane and head into the studio to finish up the album. And they won't even have time for jet lag, because Osborne has had them on their toes — which is to be expected from someone who managed to out-tough the Happy Mondays' notoriously bullheaded Ryder brothers.

"It's a totally different world, working with him," Kensrue said. "We were kind of scared, knowing all the kinds of records he produced in the past. We thought he was just going to lock us in a room and tell us to write singles. But he just listens and makes everything we do better."

The collaboration with Osborne only helped fuel the pro-experimentation vibe Kensrue was feeling when he first started writing material for the new Thrice album (see "Thrice Look Back Before Moving Ahead With Some Weird Songs That Might Suck"). If anything, the songs have only gotten stranger since the band entered the studio.

"There are samples and keyboards running through the new songs," Kensrue said. "There's one song based on an old prison recording, like guys on chain gangs singing. One song has a music box going through it, playing an old Japanese folk song. A lot of it has the energy of the old stuff but with heavier currents running underneath. Most of the songs are beyond what any four people can play with instruments."

One way or the other, Thrice have got to figure out some way to record them all ... and do it soon, because their travel itinerary for the summer is looking pretty packed as well.

"We hope to have the record out by late August or early September, which means the record has to be done by June," Kensrue sighed. "We've got to be done by the time we start Warped Tour."