Check Out The New Lois Lane: 'Superman Returns' Photos Released

First photos from film show co-stars Kate Bosworth and James Marsden.

Off in the distance, a speck appears on the horizon — a powerful caped being is on his way, and as he comes into focus, you're not sure whether he'll save the day or make it worse. One thing is certain, however: You can't look away.

The first images of "Superman Returns" were released by Warner Bros. Tuesday, and although we can't glimpse newcomer Brandon Routh as Clark Kent yet, we do have co-stars Kate Bosworth and James Marsden. As Lois Lane, Bosworth resembles, well, Nicole Brown-Simpson's sister Denise. Marsden, best known to audiences as Cyclops from the "X-Men" films, loses both his goggles and his superpowers to play Richard White, Lois' love interest in the movie.

Doubling for Metropolis, the Sydney, Australia, location is appropriately bustling. Director Bryan Singer seems like he's keeping his set loose and cheerful, which usually makes for a good movie. The most startling image here, however, is the film's official logo: Bold, resilient and unexpected, the blue-and-gray "S" goes against the traditional red-and-yellow while promising that this will be a distinctive look at the last son of Krypton.

Whenever we uncover those first pictures of Routh in the super suit or Kevin Spacey (as Lex Luthor) without his hair, you can bet they'll be right here. Keep checking back — and in the meantime, go ahead and put in a request to take June 30, 2006, off from work. You might also want to take the week before off as well, so you can go stand in what is sure to be a super-long line.

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