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'Game Of Thrones' Season Five: Is [SPOILER] Returning To Help Arya Stark?

Valar morghulis.

Warning: Possible spoilers for "Game of Thrones" season five are ahead.

All men must die — and all men must return.

The Faceless Man known as Jaqen H'ghar looks poised for a "Game of Thrones" comeback on the HBO fantasy show's upcoming fifth season. Winter Is Coming reports that actor Tom Wlaschiha will reprise his role as the face-changing assassin in season five of "Thrones," his first appearance since he helped Arya escape the harrowing halls of Harrenhal back in season two.

HBO has not confirmed Wlaschiha's return to the series, so consider the news nothing more than rumor for now. Still, it's a pretty exciting possibility, considering what book-readers know of Jaqen's role in the future of the series.

On that note, BOOK SPOILERS ahead.

Jaqen returns at the start of "A Feast for Crows," the fourth novel in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, using a new face and name to infiltrate the Citadel of Oldtown, where Westeros' many maesters are trained. Jaqen's reason for coming to Oldtown isn't clear quite yet, but many fans speculate he's aiming to steal an artifact that could have devastating consequences for the future of the "Ice and Fire" odyssey.

It's possible that Jaqen's Oldtown story will come into play during season five, but given the current position of many characters on the show, and the fact that the show is starting to deviate from the books more and more with each passing episode, there's another scenario worth considering.

Stemming from the season four finale, Arya Stark is on her way to Braavos. Readers of the books know that she's about to train with the Faceless Men to harness her skills as an assassin. In the books, she trains under an enigmatic figure known as "the Kindly Man." But perhaps that character will be replaced by Jaqen H'ghar on the show. It wouldn't be the first time the show has streamlined some of the books' more extraneous characters and plot lines, and it's a natural way to get a fan-favorite player back in the mix.

Keep an eye out for more "Thrones" news and rumors as they come in.

Are you excited for the possible return of Jaqen H'ghar?