Justin Bieber Is Now Singing 'Sorry' In Bars For Free Drinks

Pretty decent Billy Joel impression tbh

Justin Bieber is full of surprises — especially in bars, or at, you know, any unsuspecting practice for your local sports team — but this time around he outdid himself with an impromptu serenade.

At Toronto's Fifth Pubhouse, Bieber was drinking alone on November 4 when he lost interest in the Raptors game on TV and made his way over to the piano.

The only thing that would make this random Friday night any better or more Canadian would be for Drake to roll in eating poutine and freaking out about his beloved Raptors while drinking a Molson and high-fiving Ryan Reynolds or something.

The crowd was delighted and sang along with nearly every verse of Bieber’s 2015 smash, so needless to say the performance went over well.

(The bar didn’t make him pay for a single drink either, according to TMZ, which seems like a more than fair trade.)

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