Justin Bieber Mysteriously Showed Up At A Pittsburgh Steelers' Spiritual Meeting

Apparently the Biebs is now part of Steeler Nation.

Justin Bieber is pretty much the biggest pop star in the entire world, so when he shows up somewhere, anywhere, it becomes news. He's also the kind of person to randomly turn up where you'd least expect him—I mean like honestly the last place you'd look—like last night when he casually showed up at the Pittsburgh Steeler's bible study.

Steeler's defensive end Cam Heyward kicked off the team's rush to take selfies with the star with what we were all thinking: "Didn't know he was a steelers fan, but welcome to steeler nation @JustinBieber," he wrote.

I have so many questions still... how did Justin know the location of the chapel where the Pittsburgh players get spiritual before their games? Why did want to attend? Was it solely to show up at this chapel and bless the team with his presence? Is this going to turn into some sort of curse or blessing like when the Based God infamously put a hex on Kevin Durant? (But, I'm assuming this was a Protestant bible study, so probably no curses were invoked or allowed).

Linebacker Arthur Moats wanted to grab a selfie with the Biebs:

And here's Justin with backup quarterback Bruce Gradkowski:

He has been showing up to sporting events with an increased regularity though, like a few weeks ago when he wore his own version of Pharrell's hat and attended the Knicks game to hang with Usher.

Then again, Justin has been Instagramming ~emotional~ and mature thoughts about love lately...

Maybe he's just ready to get into his spiritual phase? Or perhaps he's just trying to follow Drake's lead and get more involved with sports. If he was going to randomly select a football team to support, what drew him to Pittsburgh?

If everything is random, then can I also throw the Seahawks into the ring for consideration to be Justin's favorite team? After all, they just won the super bowl and have a quarterback who is set on making the world a better place... what's not to love?

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