White Stripes Dancing With The Devil? We'll Find Out June 7

Band reveals new album title, track list.

Whether the White Stripes are following their blues influences to the crossroads, have sold their souls to Beelzebub or have merely spent a lot of time with Slayer records lately is unclear, but the Detroit duo have revealed the name of their fifth album, and it's called Get Behind Me Satan.

Satan contains 13 songs, all of which were written on piano, acoustic guitar and marimba, according to a band spokesperson. Frontman Jack White has called the record, now due June 7, an exploration of "characters and the ideal of truth."

Get Behind Me Satan was recorded and produced in 20 days by Jack at his Third Man Studios in Detroit. This time out, no guest performers are on the disc, and all the songs were written by Jack. Drummer Meg White contributes vocals to one song, but it's currently unknown which song that is.

As for the apparent cover photo for the first single, "Blue Orchid" (see "White Stripes' New Single And New Look Revealed"), while the cover on the Stripes' U.K. label's Web site has still yet to be confirmed as the single's artwork, closer inspection reveals that Jack and Meg aren't actually even on the cover.

Comparable in aesthetic tone to their previous covers, in place of the candy-colored pair are a black woman with a Bettie Page-esque Meg White hairdo holding what looks like an egg. Standing next to her is a greasy-haired Jack-like man in a hat and black leather clutching what appears to be a lamp. Above them hangs a microphone; the backdrop is a red and black velvet curtain. They're standing back-to-back and pointing toward each other.

Before the Stripes announce North American tour dates, they will hit Mexico, Central America and an opera house in South America. The group will also be among the headlining acts at the Glastonbury Festival in the U.K., which takes place June 24-26. And one U.S. appearance has been announced — June 6 at Atlanta's Music Midtown Festival.

Get Behind Me Satan track list, according to the White Stripes' publicist:

  • "Blue Orchid"

  • "The Nurse"

  • "My Doorbell"

  • "Forever for Her (Is Over for Me)"

  • "Little Ghost"

  • "The Denial Twist"

  • "White Moon"

  • "Instinct Blues"

  • "Passive Manipulation"

  • "Take, Take, Take"

  • "As Ugly As I Seem"

  • "Red Rain"

  • "I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)"