Game Calls His First Onscreen Sex Scene 'Rough And Rugged'

'Millionaire Boys Club' loosely based on rapper's own life.

With a lineup like one the G-Unit has, 50 can't be the only doughboy, so after his breakup and makeup with the crew, the Game is on his way to the silver screen.

Game's movie debut, "The Millionaire Boys Club," is expected out this summer, and the rapper hopes to follow that up with a role opposite an Oscar winner.

"The Millionaire Boys Club" is loosely based on the Compton, California, native's life and was written and directed by Cess Silvera of the cult indie film "Shottas," which featured Wyclef Jean and Tyson Beckford. Along with Game (playing himself under the name "G"), Bryce Wilson of "Beauty Shop" and Michael K. Williams of "The Wire" also have lead roles. And not to be outdone by 50's sexy "Candy Shop" video (see "50 Cent Renames LP, Makes Video For Sexy Song 'Candy Shop' "), "G" shares a super sexy love scene with Shari Headley.

"She was in 'The Johnson Family Vacation,' and before that it was 'Coming to America,' " Game explained. "She was real, real, real, real fun to work with. It was my first sex scene. It wasn't real sensual, it was kind of rough and rugged."

To follow up his "Boys" debut, the Left Coast rapper is in talks to co-star with Oscar winner Hilary Swank in a horror film titled "The Reaping" in which a woman who debunks supernatural occurrences (Swank) goes to a small Texas town to investigate what appear to be biblical plagues.

As for that little misunderstanding with 50, it was "not really a remarriage but a kind of a parting ways and settling our differences" thing, Game explained (see "50 Cent And The Game Call A Truce"). "I'm still going my way. It's still Aftermath. I'm working on blowing my imprint [Black Wall Street] up, and I've got the help of [Interscope boss] Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre with that."

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