T.I. Kicks It With The 'Rich White Cats' On 'The O.C.'

Rapper performs during a pool-party scene.

On Tuesday, "The O.C." welcomed an O.G. — Atlanta's own T.I. traveled down to Miami to film a guest role on the hit teen drama.

(Click for photos.)

Tip didn't really have to rely on his acting chops, though: He appeared as himself in a concert scene and performed "Bring Em Out." "It's a re-enactment of spring break," he said from the set of the show. "It's a pool-party vibe and I perform at the pool party. It's a lot of extras in bikinis sitting around the pool, a lot of exotic women, the beach, rich white cats kicking it. Everybody's real cool. Everybody was showing love." The episode will air at the end of April or beginning of May, T.I.'s publicist said.

And if you're wondering if T.I. keeps up with the exploits of Ryan Atwood and the other cats up in Orange County, nope. He's so busy these days, he says he doesn't get to watch much of anything on the tube and has never seen the show. The "O.C." gig is just the start of T.I.'s acting career.

"It's a little bit at a time," he said. "We got a few movies in development right now. The guy who wrote 'Shottas,' he wrote a movie called 'Grand Hustle' for [me and my crew, the Pimp Squad Clique]. We're trying to work on 'Shottas 2' as well. We got a movie idea we're working on with the guy who did 'Blue Hill Avenue.' He's hot. And we're working on a movie idea just about our life.' "

With all his feature-film projects, T.I. has decided to put aside the "Dope Boys" straight-to-DVD project where he was going shoot videos for a bunch of his album cuts and string them together to make a story.

"A lot of people still want to see those videos; I still got that idea in mind," he promised.

T.I.'s next single is going to be "ASAP," and he plans to continue working on the Pimp Squad Clique's debut group album while on the road with the Sweat/Suit: Up Close and Personal Tour, which also features Nelly and Fat Joe (see "Fat Joe And T.I. In, Fabolous Out For Nelly's Sweat/Suit Tour").