Paris Hilton's Private Stuff All Over The Internet

Hacker infiltrates socialite's Sidekick, puts celebrity digits online.

Life has gotten a little less simple for Paris Hilton since information from

her ubiquitous T-Mobile Sidekick, including the phone numbers of fellow

glitterati, photos and personal notes, was leaked on the Internet.

Reports started surfacing this weekend that the socialite's stocked PDA had

been hacked into and that the private numbers of her celebrity pals were

falling into the hands of regular folks.

From Hollywood to New York and every other celebrity-infested city in

between, stars like Hilton's real-life sidekick Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera,

Ashlee Simpson, Ashley Olsen, Eminem, Andy Roddick and others have

already changed their numbers. Fred Durst has apparently neglected to change his,

though he has also opted not to take his calls.

When you're as busy as Hilton, it's important to keep a thorough list of

errands, new trends and celebrity whereabouts. Found notes reportedly included

important reminders like these from October 2, 2004: "check from Rick" and "call

Maroon 5." Other curious notes include one from

September 18, 2004, in what appears to be a reference to 55-year-old comedian

Garry Shandling: "call gary shandlin get tape of everything."

"T-Mobile's computer forensics and security team is actively investigating to determine how Ms. Hilton's information was obtained," the company said in a statement. "This includes the possibility that someone had access to one of Ms. Hilton's devices and/or knew her account password."

The company said that given "the sensitivity of the situation," it could not disclose any further details.

Among the first sites to post the information was, which

initially copied the hacked pages onto its site but removed them shortly after

being contacted by the Secret Service agent in charge of the T-Mobile

hack/identity theft case.

Still, it only takes a short time for information posted on the Internet to

reach a massive audience. So if you don't qualify for celebrity status, should

you be worried about your private notes and digits being tapped into?

Well, maybe. It turns out that in October 2004, a computer hacker was charged

with illegally accessing T-Mobile's server and using it to monitor U.S.

Secret Service e-mail, get customers' passwords and Social Security numbers, and

download photos taken by Sidekick users including Hollywood celebrities,

according to security information site

While that individual was stopped, other hackers continue to run rampant in

cyberspace, so it's important for average PDA users to protect themselves.

A T-Mobile spokesperson offered precious insider information on how to

avoid being hacked. Tips include choosing a difficult and complex password, not

giving your password to anyone, not responding to online solicitations for your

password and contacting your service provider if your device is stolen or lost.

Sadly, for some celebrities, this information comes too late. While you have

the opportunity to change your password and delete incriminating photos, the

stars affected by the hacking of Hilton's Sidekick have to decide between

getting angry and having a laugh at their own fabulously famous expense.

After changing their numbers to avoid an unwanted onslaught of phone calls,

stars with a sense of humor can pick up the freshly pressed "Paris Made Me

Change My Number" T-shirt to advertise their A-list status. Now that's hot.