3 Doors Down Singer Boasts They'll Outsell The Game Again

Their Seventeen Days bumped rapper from top spot on albums chart.

When 3 Doors Down frontman Brad Arnold found out he had the #1 album in the country, he did what any self-respecting rock star would do: He ordered a steak.

"When we found out it was #1, we were in Dallas, and we just went out to eat," he said. "We just had a nice little dinner at some restaurant outside our hotel. I had a steak. That's what I always eat when I go out. That's all I ever eat."

There were none of the trappings that usually come with rock-star celebrating — no hotel rooms destroyed, no groupies groped. For the guys in 3 Doors Down, the news that their third album, Seventeen Days, had debuted atop the Billboard albums chart was treated like no big deal. It's a dose of humility that goes hand-in-hand with their upbringing in Escatawpa, Mississippi.

"It's definitely news that changes you. Like, I was different before we found out. There was a time before and a time after," Arnold said. "But we're just going to keep going, keep touring. We're going to be out here on the road for a while. I've decided my home is the road, so I want to be out here as long as I can."

And on the road, at a show on Wednesday night in Dallas, they took a minute to celebrate with their fans, who have supported them through two previous albums and made Seventeen Days #1 (see "Game Knocked Down By Guys From Mississippi"). The band brought champagne onstage and gave the crowd a well-deserved toast. Everyone drank the bubbly, except for Arnold.

"My glass had vodka in it, 'cause I don't want no damn champagne," he said.

Arnold doesn't have much time to savor the celebrating, though. He's already planning for the band's next single, which he says will be "It's Not Me." Then there's the matter of a full European tour, to be followed by a North American jaunt with Breaking Benjamin. Whatever it takes to remain on top.

"We want to be at #1 for a while. It's nice to think about. And it makes the steak and vodka taste better," Arnold said. "Maybe we'll be #1 next week. Screw all of that, let's be #1 for a month. We knocked the Game out of #1, and we'll do it again."