Ludacris Goes For The Gold — Member, That Is — In New Clip

Quincy Jones, Slick Rick, Verne Troyer (a.k.a. Mini Me) guest in 'Austin Powers'-inspired video.

Decked out in a blue velvet blazer, jeans and an ascot, it looks like Ludacris is taking the "grown and sexy" look to another level.

But don't let the smooth steez fool you, the MC is just stepping into the shoes of shagadelic spy Austin Powers for his new video, a split clip of "Number One Spot" and "The Potion" (see "Luda Vs. Austin Powers? Cris Gets Villainous In Next Clip").

Filmed on a Los Angeles soundstage, the video brings a twist to the "Austin Powers" concept.

"I'm the ghetto Austin Powers, you can say," Luda said. "We're going to do Goldmember, we're going to take the Fat Bastard aspect of it — we're going to do all of that and combine it with Ludacris style."

A bunch of Luda's famous friends, including actors LisaRaye, Verne Troyer (a.k.a. Mini Me) and rapper Slick Rick guest in the video. He even got a cameo from a legendary producer with ties to the original song.

"I sampled the original 'Soul Bossa Nova' made by the legend himself, Mr. Quincy Jones, and we are privileged to have him inside of this video," Luda said. "I developed a relationship with him about a year ago. I went to the man's house and I have been motivated ever since.

"I'm also privileged enough to have Ms. LisaRaye, who's been doing her thing in film and in music for a long time, so I am just blessed with great presences right now," he added. "I always say whatever video is the latest one I've done is the best, but I think this one is going to top every one I've done because of the star power, the song, the sample — everything so far is magnificent."

"I think it's fantastic," Jones agreed. "Never would I have imagined in my wildest dreams that [so much would come from] something I wrote in 20 minutes, 43 years ago, and what the transformation has been. I am a big fan of Ludacris. I've said that behind his back as well as to his face. It makes me feel good to know that the future is going to be in great shape.

"It's a very hip concept," Jones added. "I think it worked backwards: Mike Myers probably got the concept from some house party back in the day anyway, so the circle is fulfilled."

In the clip, which was directed by Fats Cats with Luda's manager/business partner Chaka Zulu, LisaRaye plays Foxxy Cleopatra, the role played by Beyoncé in the film "Austin Powers in Goldmember." Luda said casting the actress was a no-brainer.

"Look at her," he said with a laugh. "I just thought she would be perfect for the role. She has her own pizzazz, her own style and she added it to [the role]. The first take we did, she completely got it down. I just knew she would be perfect for it, and she was.

"I've got great friends, [and] it's two-fold," added Ludacris of the video's various cameos. "Whenever they need me to do something I am there for them, so we've got a little cult going right here. We do each other favors, and scratch each other's backs. We gotta look out for one another, we all we got."