Free Agent Cam'ron Shops For Label After Dropping Def Jam

Don't expect a new video from Purple Haze anytime soon.

Cam'ron has been on the low since releasing his last solo LP, Purple Haze, in December. The general of the Diplomats has been lamping in Miami, taking phone calls and deciding which is going to be the next label he gets in bed with.

"I don't know. I'm just weighing my options," Cam said last week. "I've got a lot of labels hollering at me. To make a long story short, Koch made me an offer for like $4 million, and that's only for two albums. Warner Bros., they're trying to come in a little higher, so I'm waiting for their numbers."

The fashionable Harlem native said regardless of the money that's thrown at him, he's going to need a little bit more to woo him over.

"I got about 12 offers, but I'm just telling you what's making sense," he added. "At the end of the day, I'm signing to myself, you feel me? I'm signing Diplomat [Records], and whoever wants to make a co-venture distribution deal, then we could talk. But at the end of the day, I'll never sign with just anybody. So I won't even tell you all the other labels that's tryin' to holla, 'cause they're irrelevant."

Oddly enough, Cam said he hasn't ruled out a return to Def Jam — the label he just left — but is less than enamored with the thought of being under the Universal Music Group umbrella (see "Dame Dash Says He's Staying Involved With Roc-A-Fella Roster").

"L.A. [Reid] told me at the end of last year he was gonna let me out of the deal [at Def Jam], so at the top of the year he asked me to stay. I'm like, 'I can't never do business with you anymore until you let me out, 'cause you gotta keep your word. If you don't let me out, you're not as good as your word.' ... So he let me out [of my contract] and now he's just trying to renegotiate, make another deal so I could come back to Def Jam."

Cam said he left Def Jam in the first place because he felt the label was less of a priority for Universal than sister label Interscope.

"The first priority is Interscope," Cam asserted. "They selling a bunch of records right now, so at the end of the day Def Jam people aren't really a priority to the big people. Interscope got this sh-- on lock, so therefore the head people in Universal are not gonna [care] about Def Jam until they get their sh-- together. [When you're] under Universal, you're really competing with Interscope, and right now I don't think Def Jam could really compete with Interscope. Not saying they won't be able to do their thing in the future — I wish everybody over there the best of luck — but at this particular point in time, they don't got the machine rollin' to do that."

The Diplomat machine is continuing to roll in the streets (see "Cam'ron: Fly Guy"). Their movement is propelling the Purple Haze album nearly to gold status despite Def Jam handling the album as all but over. Killa Cam advises his fans not to hold their breath for any more videos from the project in the wake of his free agency. Def Jam isn't putting up any dough and neither is he.

"I'm not spending no money for no video out of my pockets because I'm not with the video people [being] like, 'Yo! Play this, play that.' Like I said, I'm not mad at Def Jam, because [them spending money on me] would just be all the way stupid. Trust me, they wanna work the record, they wanna say, 'Damn, let's work together, let's do the next single, let's renegotiate.' But the thing is they dropped the ball too early. They should have been working on that last year."