The Strange Drama Of Sum 41 Singer's Vocal Ailment

'He just needs a week's worth of rest, and everything will heal,' band's management finally insists.

If there were an official level of concern for Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley's vocal cords over the past week, it would've gone something like this: moderate concern, which became show-canceling legitimate concern, which exploded into apocalyptic oh-God-please-no! concern before finally settling into a sort of he'll-be-fine-after-some-rest concern.

On Wednesday, it was announced that the band had canceled that night's show in Barrie, Ontario, because Whibley's cords were ailing. The next day, Sum 41 canceled the week's remaining shows — two in Toronto and one in London, Ontario — which led to the band's management announcing that Whibley had come down with a throat infection. Concern really began to rise when various news agencies began quoting an anonymous show promoter who claimed that Whibley had, in fact, ruptured his vocal cords, and was ordered by doctors not to perform.

And when news of Whibley's injury — combined with two more Canadian cancellations — began to make its way around various Sum 41 fan sites, the concern grew, which led bassist Cone to post the following statement on

"We have to apologize to the fans in Toronto, Barrie, London, Sherbrooke and Antigonish for canceling our shows there. If you haven't heard already, Deryck is having some really bad throat issues. He can hardly talk, let alone sing," Cone wrote. "This really sucks ... but you don't want to see us with a voiceless singer. Thanks for understanding and we'll see you all soon."

Cone's vagueness did little to quell fans' concerns. So management sprung into action, issuing a statement that said Whibley's ailment wasn't nearly as severe as was being reported, and the band is itching to get back on the road.

"It's just blistered vocal cords, there's no permanent damage. He just needed rest," the statement said. "He just needs a week's worth of rest, and everything will heal. This is a band that hates canceling shows, and they'll be back on the road just as soon as possible."

Sum 41 have already rescheduled four of the canceled shows: the Barrie show will now take place on February 14, while the two Toronto gigs, along with the London date, have been moved to April.